West End Festival - Glasgow

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The West End Festival (WEF) is Glasgow’s largest cultural event and every June takes over the imaginations of participants and visitors in the west end of Glasgow. Over 100 Glasgow-based organisations, arts groups and local and international artists deliver a mixture of activities and projects, overseen by a small festival team. The WEF brings all of these activities together in the festival programme and includes events, exhibitions, performances, talks, tours, workshops and screenings, and many are free of charge to allow accessibility. The WEF’s ethos is to include participants and venues that can complement the already diverse programme. More than 1.25 million visitors have attended the event since it started and last year the festival encompassed over 400 events in 80 venues across the west end. 2015 sees the 20th year of the Festival. The West End Festiva first took place in 1996, as a small local festival centred round Byres Road but has since become the biggest festival in Glasgow's calendar, with events running throughout the month of June. Its centre-piece carnival parade is the largest carnival event in the UK after Notting Hill in London. In 2006 the parade day ran congruently with the Glasgow Mela; organisers billed it as "Scotland's Mardi Gras" and an estimated 100,000 people took to the streets and parks.