Traena Festival

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Billed as the 'most remote festival,' Traena is exotic in an unusual sense; while there is plenty of sunlight, in fact the sun almost never sets, the festival is located up North, on two islands off the coast of Norway in the municipality of Traena. The tiny town is host to about 400 people who all contribute, mostly as volunteers, to running the festival. The children help those attending carry their bags, while adults help organise the festival and run stands. The beauty of the surroundings is hard to overstate. The sight of the jutting peaks of the island rising from the ocean makes for a backdrop to the music. One of the stages is inside of a cave, creating natural acoustics that are impossible to replicate. Another one is inside of a church with blacked out windows, to keep out the sun that, this far North, never sets. The 3+ hour ferry ride from the mainland gives those attending ample opportunity to get to know each other.


The atmosphere is, by all accounts special. All those who are here, even the local Norwegians, have made an effort to come this far, away from the cheap advertising and mass consumerism of the big festivals. Traena is as much about enjoying nature as it is about enjoying the music, so expect plenty of talk about protecting the environment and ecology. Beer is rather expensive, and there is no sign of drugs going around, but if you make friends with the locals you can count on trying some of the home-made moonshine.


Don't expect any big name bands, they are mostly local, and quite varied, with dance and hip-hop acts alongside to Ska and Rock bands.

The 2013 line-up included American Rock and Roll band Vintage Trouble, British Synthpop queen Charli XCX, and Bosnian circus-ska masters Dubioza Kollektiv.


Tickets can be purchased on the festival official site.


Children 15+ are admitted, but the drinking age is 18.


Warm and sunny interspersed with Artic winds. Bringing a windbreaker is advised.

Local Accomodation

You can rent out a rather special B&B, an empty sportshall equipped with tents, showers, and plaes to charge various electronic equipment. Breakfast is included.

Prices are 500 Krone (about £55) a night for one person in a tent, or 300 Krone (about £35) if there is more than one person in the tent.


There is camping on offer with showers, toilets, and first aid tents on location.

The price is 200 Krone (£22) a night. It is necessary to show your ticket and ID at the door.


The municipality of Traena is a fishing village, and the economy still revolves around the industry. What the location lacks in population, it makes up in natural beauty.

Food and drink

A lot of fish, and be prepared to try whale meat. Booze is expensive, with a beer setting you back £6, but you can find some home-brewed stuff that will knock you right out.


Only way to get there is to fly from Oslo to one of the smaller airports on the mainland (for example Bodø), and then take a boat that can be booked in advance.