Towersey Festival Past Lineups

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Andy Cutting, Angles, Anna Elias and the Forlorn Hope, Ashley Hutchings' Rainbow Chasers, Bellowhead, Bethany Weimers, Blair Dunlop, Brass Monkey, Chris Wood, Cinnte, Circo Rum Ba Ba, Colum Sands, Dhol Foundation, Duck Soup, Duotone, Eliza Carthy, Frumptarn Guggenband, Gavin Osborn, Genticorum, Georgie Fame, Hand to Mouth Theatre, Hekety, Jackie Oates, James Bell, James Findlay, John and Katie Howson, Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Kan, Larkin'About, Lauren McCormick, Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson, Michael McGoldrick & Friends, Nancy Wallace, New St George Waits, Nick Field, Nonesuch Morris, Polkaworks, Reubens Train, Roy Bailey, Sam Carter, Sara Grey Keiron Means & Ben Paley, Simon Care, Spider John Koerner, Spinndrift, Steamchicken, The Chipolatas, The Committee Band, The Old Fashioned Trio, Toothless Mary, Tyde (folk), Whapweasel, Will Pound & Dan Walsh, Wynndebagge


4Square, Boggart's Breakfast, Boldwood, Chris Smither, Cock And Bull Band, Cupola, Dana & Susan Robinson, Daniel Hammersley, Devon Sproule, Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews, Edward II, Florida, Gavin Osborn, Geckoes, Hammersmith Morris, Heidi Talbot, James Mackintosh, JigJaw, Jim Moray, John Smith, Karine Polwart, Livewires, Mawkin:Causley, Maz O'Connor, Megan & Joe Henwood, Megan Henwood, New St George Waits, Nick and Jamie, Old Swan Band, Pete Coe, Pete White's Suitcase Circus, Poppets Puppets, Ran Tan Band, Random, Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson, Roy Bailey, Shooglenifty, Steve Tilston, Taffy Thomas, The Blue Blokes 3, The Blues Band, The Breizh Brothers, The Chair, The Demon Barbers, The Imagined Village, The Lark Rise Band, The Long Notes, The Mighty Zulu Nation, The Selenites, The Spooky Men's Chorale, The Sunshine Panners, The Waterson Family, Tickled Pink, Trinculo, Wilber


Bellowhead, Show of Hands, Lunasa, Martin Simpson & Andy Cutting, Salsa Celtica, Blowzabella, Kathryn Tickell Band, Chris Wood, Whapweasel, Breabach, Faustus, The Commitments, The Omega 3, Park Bench Social Club, Glorystrokes, crucible, The Woodpecker Band, The Gloworms, Leon Rosselson, English Contra Dance Band, Last Orders, Ruth Notman, Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, Steamchicken, Chinewrde Morris, Jackie Oates, Pig Dyke Molly, Hand to Mouth Theatre, plus many more.