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Photo Romania Festival takes over Cluj-Napoca for 10 days with exhibitions, photography workshops, and concerts making the whole city part of the festival. Most exhibitions are free access so that everyone can experience photography at it's finest and talk to the artists in a friendly environment over a cup of coffee.

Photo Romania offers a wide variety of activities from early in the day till late in the night.
###Themed days
Each of the 10 days of the festival has a certain theme ranging from Fashion Photography to Horror Photography with specially designed events.

During the 10 days of the festival there are more than 50 exhibition of international and local artist in a variety of locations from bookstores, museums, to unfinished cathedrals.

Photo Romania Academy is the educational part of Photo Romania Festival. Under this academy, renowned photographers (local, national, and international) offer a range of photography workshops from basic to expert on a wide range of topics from Do-It-Yourself to Fashion Photography and Advertising Photography.

There are several local artist concerts and a big international performance during the 10 days of Photo Romania Festival in various locations.

Photo Romania is a festival that welcomes the entire family, children are invited to participate to the exhibitions and even in the workshops for a early start in photography.

One of the festival's days is dedicated to the family (Family Day) with activities that are dedicated to every member of the family. In 2014 a section of the Children's Hospital in Cluj-Napoca will be decorated with photos during Family Day.

##Disability access
The majority of the locations are disabled-friendly as well as the buses that run in Cluj-Napoca.

May is a generally sunny with the occasional spring rains. Most of the locations are indoor so rain shouldn't be a problem.

##Local Accommodation
Cluj-Napoca is a university city and you can find accommodation from as little as 10 Euros to the most luxurious 5 star hotels.

It is recommended you use for finding a place to stay.

##What to wear
Most of the events are non-formal so any wear attire will do. Mornings and evenings are chilly though and a coat would be recommended.

##Previous edditions

### 2013
+ Photography Manifesto

+ Vintage Photo Fair

+ Nakedness is Circular

+ The Unveiling of the Photography Museum

+ Transit by Espen Rasmussen

+ Blow Job by Tadao Cern

+ Photojournalism Day

+ Boema Fashion Day by Feeric

+ Ballerina Girl

+ Sports Day

+ Closing Gala

+ Jacob's dream by Andreea Damianovskaia

+ Nude and Sequences Collective Exhibitions

+ Beauty and Night Silhouettes by Radu Carnaru and Alex Vanciu

+ Dominatrix by Camelia Popescu

+ Urban Visions Collective Exhibition

+ Transit by Espen Rasmussen

+ Blow Job by Tadao Cern

+ Reflections by Gheorghe Belu

+ Flight over Transylvania by Dragoș Astafei

+ Marco by Alex Dima

+ Recess by Banhegyesy Antal

+ Electrified by Mihai Chițu

+ Beauty Full Day - Horațiu Curuțiu

+ Memories of a Princess - Giuseppe Parisi

+ Light Academy - Horațiu Curuțiu

+ Photography and Romanian Legislation

+ Lightroom and Photoshop Basics - Simion Buia

+ Adobe Camera Raw and Editing With Special Filters - Simion Buia

+ Business for Photographers - Rareș Ion

+ Light Painting Photography - Radu Sălcudean

+ Plainspotting

+ Photo Basics: Introduction to DSLR

+ David and Six Martini at Boema Garden

+ Omul cu Șobolani at Boema Garden

+ Lucia at Boema Garden

+ Nick and Mihnea (Luna Amara) at Boema Garden

+ byron at Boema Garden

+ Masterpiece at Boema Garden

+ Vița de Vie at Boema Garden

+ Magda Puskas at Boema Garden

+ The Brad Pits at Boema Garden