Pecan Street Festival

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A good festival for... Free fun with music and food in Texas.

==Pecan Street Cultural Overview==

Pecan Street Festival is a free event and an Austin Tradition. It’s the oldest and largest art festival in Central Texas and involves local bands and businesses.

Pecan Street Festival is named after the original street name of the street on which it takes place. The festival is an Austin tradition, with the street being open to everyone, including stalls selling commercial goods and food, and local music taking place across several stages. There is a strong focus on the community and the festival brings $43million to the economy each year.

==Current Pecan Street Lineup==
Pecan Street 2011 - Tortilla Factory, That Damned Band, NAKIA, The Boxing lesson, Cowboy Donley, The Shears, Ringo Deathstarr, New Roman Times, MoTel Aviv and more.

==Location and Travel==
Sixth Street is the heart of Austin’s live entertainment scene and the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world. It is lined with many historical houses and commercial buildings dating from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The storied old buildings now house numerous bars, a host of live entertainment venues, art galleries, casual cafes and up-scale restaurants.

==Camping and Getting Around==
There is no camping at this event as it is in downtown Austin. if you are travelling to the festival from outside Austin you will find plenty of places to stay in the city.

==Music Stages and Entertainment at Pecan Street==
The stages include The Main Stage, located at 7th & Neches, The Red River, located between 6th & 7th on Red River and The Trinity Stage, between 6th & 7th on Trinity.

The festival is also hosting The Lego Experience Tour, magicians and street performers, art from Amado M. Peña Jr., Kid’s activities, including an art tent, carnival rides and a petting zoo, as well as all the vendors selling hand made arts and crafts to commercial products.

==Eating and Drinking==
There are over 20 food stalls at the festival, with Cajun food, burgers, pizza, barbecue, Chinese, Mexican, kebabs, deserts and drinks available.

==VIP Section==
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==Drug Policy==
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==Past Pecan Street Lineups==
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==Historical Moments and Trivia==
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==Personal Reviews and Comments from the Media==
Real Austin, Texas: 2011 Review

==News Updates==
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==Festival Contacts==
Official Pecan Street Festival Website


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