Lowlands Festival

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‘A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise’, more commonly known as simply Lowlands festival, is one of Europe’s oldest festivals, the first one appearing in November 1967. The festival’s line up pulls in the biggest in rock, dance and pop music making sure there is always something on offer for everyone.

There is also an attention to decorative detail at Lowlands which sets it apart from most continental European festivals; the entrance is a neon masterpiece and there is plenty of sculpture art dotted around the site.


The 2012 line up has not yet been announced. Lowlands has a history of booking the best acts around, dating right back to 1968 when they tried to get Jimi Hendrix and had to settle with Pink Floyd.

The 2011 line up can be found here.


Lowlands is a party festival. The diverse range of music offer means that one stage will have bass bopping ravers whilst another has chilled rockers lapping up the vibrations.

The crowd is predominantly Dutch, but with many other nationalities chucked into the mix, which makes for a chatty bar queue.

Music Stages and other entertainment

There are ten music stages, which are named according to the NATO phonic alphabet. All the stages are in tents, including the main stage alpha, which has a tent big enough to host a football pitch. Try fitting that in your garden!

There is also an array of theatre, dance, comedy and art on show, including a free for all fence art display. If all that is too much, there’s also the option of going to the cinema stage.

Location and travel

The festival is held in Biddinghuizen, at Spijk en Bremerberg and the nearest airport is Amsterdam’s Schipol. From Amsterdam it is possible to get the train to stations ‘tHarde and Lelystad, where there are shuttle buses travelling to the festival.

If coming from the UK, festival bus organizes coaches from London, Manchester and Birmingham.