Cork Guiness Jazz Festival

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The Cork Guinness Jazz Festival takes place in the city of Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. This three day festival has events and concerts scattered throughout the entire city (think Edinburgh Festival). Although it bills itself as a Jazz festival, it features many cross-genre acts, including Funk, Disco and Electronic music.

This festival is sponsored by the quintessentially Irish beer, Guinness, so expect rivers of the dark and hearty stout to be flowing freely.


The festival takes place throughout the entire city, and ticket prices vary according to who is playing and the venue. Despite the battering the economy took recently, Ireland is still a beautiful and welcoming country, and The Cork Guinness Festival is a great excuse to visit the Emerald Isle if you haven't previously. The Irish love to drink and dance, so if plenty of beer and good music sounds down your alley, then check out this late October festival.

Line up

This years line up include Efterklang, a Danish group that lies on the intersection of Indie Rock and orchestral music, Chic & Nile Rodgers, which includes legendary composer/producer Nile Rodgers (you have heard pieces he's produced 100s of times on the radio) and his backing band, and the British electronic duo Primal Scream.


Tickets must be purchased separately for every show. Ticket prices range between €30 for the big names to about €15. There are many workshops and activities that are free and just require booking beforehand. See below for more information.

Stages and Other Entertainment

As previously mentioned the festival takes place throughout the entire city. The big name acts mostly preform in the riverside Cork Opera House, which has been running since 1855, and renovated in 1963. Other venues include the beautiful Victorian theatre called The Everyman, and the Triskel Christchurch arts centre.

Beyond the numerous concerts, there are also organised activities that take place during the three day festival open to the public. These include:

  • Free jazz choir lessons for amateur singers organised by renown UK Jazz singer Lee Gibson; don't be shy and book a place by e-mailing

  • Street music played by professional bands throughout the city.

  • Jazz Camp where real musicians will be conducting seminars, workshops and master classes for amateurs and budding musicians. They are completely free and open to the public at all levels. For details on who is conducting them, the location, and the date click here.

  • The Singer's Corner is an open mic night open on Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 - 17:30. You will be accompanied by a professional band and will have feed-back and advice will be given to help you improve your vocal talent. The sessions are directed by David O'Rourke, director of the Jazz Standard Discovery Program.


Guinness is rich in many minerals and nutrients. It has been estimated that a person drinking just Guinness and eating nothing else can survive for an entire month.