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The theme of the year is Alchemy, and all featured and attendee made and displayed art, must follow this theme.

Artists and art crews confirmed for BOOM 2012:

Android Jones (Digital Art)/ Artescape (Painting, Decoration)/ Bamboo Dna (Bamboo Installations, Large Structures)/ Carey Thompson (Visionary Art, Portals)/ Dadara (Artivism)/ Gamelatron (Robotic Live Sound Art Installation)/ Lugu Test Area (Eco Art/ Trash Art)/ Luke Brown (Visionary Art, Uv Paintings, Sculpture)/ Moulin Aux Chimeres Presents Kaleidoact – Underwater Mirage (Kaleidoscope Art Installation)/ Madneom (Art Installations)/ Patrice Hubert (Kinetic Art)/ Ram (Acidic Graffiti)

Dance Temple:

DJ sets to continue to 2.30-3am, live acts up to 1.30am.

  • Live Concerts: Goatika presents Trance Levitation Show, Hilight Trive, The Peaking Goodess Collective, TJAK, -Z-
  • Goa Classic Acts And Neo-Goa Trance: Filteria, Man Made Man, X-Dream, Yudhisthira
  • Forest, Dark, Deep & Twilight Psytrance: Ajja, Atyss, Beardy, Coma Sector, Daksinamurti, Electrypnose, Giuseppe, Ianuaria, Illegal Machines, Jahbo, Djane Lill'li, Khaos Sektor, Kindzadza, Menog, Neutral Motion, Djane nuky, Onkel Dunkel, Orestis, Parasense, Procs, Rawar, shore Bar Aexl, ShDisapear
  • Full On Morning Groovy Full On Psytrance: Avalon, Braincell, Brian Sentient, Buzz_T, Dickster, Digoa, Fog & Phobos, Killerwatts, Liquid Ross, Logic Bomb, Luca & Djane Jazzmine, Lucas, Oleg, Rinkadink, Regan, Shane Gobi, Space tribe, Swarup, The First Stone, Djane Thatha, Tristan, U-Recken, Zen Mechanics
  • Progressive Psytrance: Ace Ventura, Captain hook, E-Clip, Egorythmia, Loud, Protonica, Techyon

Ambient Source:

DJ Sets and Live Acts: Andrei, Ashirvad, Astropilot, Bjuo's Bowl, Chillumafia, Cosmosophy, DJ High, DJ Shahar, Elektra, Elve, Floating Machine, Goatika Creative Lab, Hataken, Henriq, Johnny Blue, Kliment, Konpiuta, Johnny Blue, Kangding Ray, Master Margherita, Mimicof, Mixmaster Morris, New Composers, Naasko, Nova, Pineal & Organic Shapes, Prisma, Samadhi, Sarana, Sofus Forsberg, Tengri, The Ebertbrothers, The Positronics, The Source, in dub, Void Controler, Waterwell, Yumii

Alchemy Circle

  • Concerts Gala Drop (Por), Lakay (Fra)
  • Performance Art Shows Phadroid (Video Dance – Usa)
  • DJs and Live Acts Alex R (Por), Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats – Spa), Aliji (Inspiral – Uk), Banel (Iboga – Dk), Bird Of Prey (Addictech Recs – Usa), Brando Lupi (Detune – Ita), Brujo’S Bowl (Zenon – Uk), Claudio Prc (Prologue – Ita), Cubixx (Iono – De), David Rodrigues (Por), Deestant Rockers (Fin), Diogo Ribeiro (Por), Electrypnose (2To6 Records – Che), Emok (Iboga- Dk), Expander (Soniculture – Por), Extrawelt (Ger), Freshkitos (Pt), Gaudi (Ita/Uk), Gorgo (Hun), Grouch (Nz), Guilherme Da Luz (Pt), Heavenly Father (Usa), Hedflux (Uk), Huda-G (Isr), Hypogeo (Ita), John-E (Por), Jurek Przezdziecki (Cocoon/Boshke Beats – Pol), Kaminanda (Usa), Kangding Ray (Fra/Ger), Lucas O´Brien (Tip World – Uk), Manu (Por), Manuel Lobo (Wolf Music – Por), Mindwave (Isr), Mr Gasparov (Por), Naasko (Interchill – Can), Nsekt (Bad Mood – Por), Osho (Echoes – Isr), Pedro Pimenta & Miguel Soares (Por), Pena (Por), Perfect Stranger (Isr), Protonica Dj Set (Ger), Radioactive.Cake (Glitchy.Tonic – Ger), Rocky (Isr), Roberdo Raval (Spa), Sheff (Isr), Sensient (Aus), Switchst(D)Ance (Por), The Human Experience (Usa), Thinkfreak (Por), Tom Cosm (Nz), Tom Real (Uk), Tripswitch (Special Midtempo Groove Set – Uk), Twofold (Por), Val Vashar (Cro), Uone (Beef Records – Oz), Zeitgeist (Ger)

Performance Art

Theatre, Dance, and Circus, here is a lists of the confirmed performers:

Aldelean (Bra), Arson Malabares (Bra), Avishag Or Efrati (Isr), Banialuki Bubble Band (Pol), BirchermÜEsli (Che), Boogieloop (Arg), Circoloko AlucinaÇÕEs (Bra), Daniel Popper (Za), Felipe Montanari (Bra), Flamba (Ger), Fire Flowers (Hol), Gustavo Ollitta (Bra), Headless Woman (Col), Heikomatrix (Che), Jovis (Usa), Katwoman (Hol), Kenaz Fireshows (Hol), La Rue Circus (Esp), Laila Lanssari (Bel), Lenn Fei (Ger), Maya-Lila (Bra), Mayakara (Ger), Mime Terrorists (Prt/Col), Mushin (Uk), Mystica Circus (Can/Mex), Nicole Garneau (Usa), Positive Movements Belly Dance (Hol), Recyclowns (Bra), Riuchi (Irl), Satsangham (Fra), Spiral (Ita), Staticman (Prt), Telah Quemere (Usa)

Liminal Village

Expect to enjoy Workshops, Interactive Talks, Discussion Panels, Presentations, Paradigms Films, and 3rd Eye Art


  • DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE: An open source morning ritual, Dances of Universal Peace are best described as a spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration. The daily sessions will last for one hour and the more people that join in, the stronger the prayer for universal peace will be.
  • EXPRESS YOUR ENERGY IN PAINT: A WORKSHOP IN THE MANA PRIMA TECHNIQUE: As children, we experienced the sheer joy of creating forms with our fingers dipped in paint. As adults, we can recapture that sensation while elevating our intentions to higher spheres. By gently moving our dripping fingertips over a black page, we can leave white traces that translate our present state of energy into form. A meditative or trance-like state is ideal for this technique, allowing the medium of water (our most precious resource) and flowing hand-motions to transcribe a higher state of mind into the watery light.
  • WOMP STOMP: WHERE URBAN BEATS MEET THEIR TRIBAL ROOTS: Are you ready to align yourself, your life mission, and your tribe through dancing to bass-filled music? Womp Stomp is a high-energy movement meditation that fuses Ecstatic Dance with WestAfrican-inspired dance moves, and we dance to a Dubstep, Glitch, Breakbeat and Downtempo soundtrack
  • TWO DANCING FREEDOM JOUNREYS: Dancing Freedom is an ecstatic practice of liberation. It is a somatic and shamanic dance practice supporting our remembering of who we really are as unique individuals part of a global interconnected family.
  • ALCHEMY SPINNING: Alchemy Spinning is a transformative, meditative and healing dance seeking to provide both dancers and spectators with a personal metamorphosis and an expansion of consciousness. It is inspired in the movements of energy around the chakras, the spinning of planets and the cosmos, and in the hipnotic whirling of Sufi dervishes.
  • MAPS TO ECSTATSY - ART BEATS IN 5 RHYTHMS: The 5Rhythms is a Moving Meditation Practice that awakens the essence of our inner dance, where we invite the flow of our creative body into the moment.

Interactive Talks

  • Dadara: Art As Money
  • Gwenael Prie: Water Travellers - One Year Around The World Of Water
  • Kevin Rowell: Naturally Building a Revolution
  • Manuel Maqueda - Hooked On Plastic:Truths Aout Plastic Pollution
  • Pedro Prata: Mushtooms - The Gateways To A New Understanding Of Nature's Language
  • Scott Beibin: Groucho Fractal's Nearly Amazing Quantum Transdimensional Survival Guide At The End (And Beginning) Of Everything
  • Steve Allin: Hemp Can't Save The Planet But it Might Save Humanity


  • Billie Baillie : Living cooperatively, living deliberately
  • Cristiana Vale Pires: Ecovilliage - Resilency Spaces In Crisis Context
  • Angel Antich: Global Activism: We Are One
  • Eric Turner: New Civil Spheres And Social Change - From Occupy To Boom

Discussion Panels

  • 20 Years Of Psytrance, 15 Years Of Boom, Who Are We? How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going?
  • Amazonian Visionary Art Panel: Messengers Of The Great Spirit
  • Building A Post-Prohibition World: The Role Of Psychedelic Research, Transformational Festivals And Political Action
  • Building Boom – Meet The People Behind The Vision


  • Ben De Loenen - The future of psychoactive ethbobotanicals in comtempory soeciety
  • Charles Eisenstein - Humanity's coming of age
  • Constance Bettencourt - Contemporary alchemy
  • Charles Shaw - living in the exile nation
  • Daniel Pinchbeck - The alchemy of 2012 and global transformation
  • Graham St John - Global tribe
  • Iris Lican & Sara Baga - Estactic dances, the connection of women and the earth
  • Lucy Legan - Earth As Centre Stage
  • Magalie Bonneau & March & John Ouigley - Artivism: Vision-engage scale
  • Peter Bampton - Evolutionary enlightenment, the call of the cosmos
  • Rick Doblin - Psychedelics: Science, Medicine, Spirituality, Celebration and harm Reduction
  • Romio Shrestha - Awakening The Body of Light
  • Svea Mielsen & Maria Carvalho - The Manual of Psychedlic Support
  • Tata Antonio - The Message Of The Mayan Elders
  • The Artfusion Experiment
  • The Fire Of Peace
  • The Teafaerie - They Can't Stop Us
  • Velcrow Ripper - Love In A Time Of Crisis

Paradigms Films

  • An Ecology Of Mind : a Daughter's Portrait Of Gregory Bateson
  • Bwiti Ceremony
  • DMT The Spirit Molecule
  • Earth Pilgrims
  • Electronic Awakening
  • Heart Of Sky, Heart Of Earth
  • Journey Of The Universe
  • Just Do It: A Tale Of Modern Day Outlaws
  • Los Derechos De La Pachamama
  • Mystical Frequency
  • O Grito Dos Filhos Da Terra
  • Permaculture: The Growing Edge
  • Peyote To LSD: A Psychedlic Odissey
  • Short Cuts For A Long Journey
  • Steal This Film
  • Seeds Of Freedom
  • Signs Out Of Time
  • The Botany Of Desire
  • The City Of Light: A Psychedlic Story
  • The Cosmic Giggle
  • The Evolution Is Love
  • Us Now

3rd Eye Art

Artist set to feature at the 3rd Eye Gallery: A.Andrew Gonzalez, Adam Scott Miller, Alex Sastoque, Anderson Debernardi, Andrew Jones, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Daniel Mirante, Emma Watkinson, Fabian Jimenez, Geo Atherton, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Justin Totemical, Keerych Luminokaya, Kuba Fiedorowicz, Laurence Caruana, Luke Brown, Maura Holden, Mugwort Artemisia, Randall Roberts, Romio Shrestha, Xavi Panneton

Healing Area

Alchemy & Healing

Alchemy is the art and science of transformation and, the re-activation of the Luminous Body is its great secret. The quest for spiritual, physiological and mental transformation. The transformation of the whole self to connect to the Divine Energy.


Workshops take place in three different areas:

Puja - The space for larger workshops and sound journeys

  • Alchemy Of Sound With Omega
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga With Natalia Bogdalikoda
  • Astrology Alive With Brisa Ferrante
  • Biodanza With Cristiano Martins And Irene Franco And JosÉ Neves
  • Contact Meltdown With Sebastian Bruno
  • Dance Of The Heart With Abuela Pilar Verges
  • Hatha Yoga With Filippo Fabri
  • Healing Concert With High Frequency Bells With Mark Pulido
  • Interactive Concert With Rodrigo Maia
  • “From Kalaripayatt, The Indian Ancestral Martial Art, To Shakti: Our Self Empowerment” With Marie Pezelet
  • Kundalini Yoga With Araygua Muwan

  • Laughter Yoga With Jay Woods
  • Men And Women’S Circle With Marianna Arboleda De Gaia
  • The Mirror And The Dragon’S Breath With Sona
  • Oriental Bellydance Workshop With Yasemine
  • Quantum Pulse Dance In The Medicine Wheel With Blipcollective
  • Trance Dance Ritual

 With Kalid And Winga
  • Trust, Connection, Playfulness
 Acroyoga With Olatz And Gloria
  • Yoga – The Way Of The Luminous Warrior, The Jaguar Energy With Sakina
  • The Way Of Wisdom, Energy Of Eagle With Sakina
  • Wudang Longevity Qigong With Nuno Miguel Ordens
  • Wudang Tai Ji With Nuno Ordens

Group Practice

First workshop of the day starts at: 7.00 am / Final workshop of the day starts at: 09:30 pm

  • 6 Healing Sounds With Sebastian Bruno
  • Alchemical Journey “Meeting The Inner Healer” With Marta Lima
  • Alchemical Journey “Meeting The Inner Child” With Marta Lima
  • Ascension Activation With Violet Flame Cauldron With Akhanon
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga With Natalia Bogdalikoda
  • Bioenergetics – Bring Body To Life With Kalid And Satya
  • Cosmic Code Work With Anne Rasquin
  • Dynamic Meditation With Maria Geeta, Satya, Sebastian And Shivani
  • Flying
 Intense With Olatz And Gloria
  • Gong Bath With Angelo Surinder
  • Guided Meditation With Alexander Hickman
  • Hatha Yoga With Filippo Fabri
  • Pranayama With Filippo Fabri
  • Kundalini Yoga With Araygua Muwan
  • Shakty Dance Workshop With Araygua Muwan
  • Mandala Meditation With Shivani
  • Tantra Loveway Group Session With Shivani
  • Moove With Maria Geeta
  • Stretch-In With Maria Geeta
  • Rebirthing With Noa Teicher
  • Rising Of The Goddess With Urtema Dolphin
  • Sacred Earth Meditation With Natesh And Sharani
  • Sun Gazing TaoÍSt Meditation And 5 Tone Healing With Nuno Ordens Miguel
  • Wudang Tai Ji With Nuno Ordens
  • Tantra And Awareness With Kristel
  • A Taste Of Tantra – Exercises For Blissful Awareness With Peter Little John Cook

Water Practice

First workshop of the day starts at: 10am / Final workshop of the day starts at: 7pm

  • Ai Chi- Aquatic Yoga And Thai Chi With Ofer Rosenthal
  • Primal Aquatic Touch With Ofer Rosenthal
  • Baby Swim – Union Between Present And Future With Kfir Kol
  • Indigo Child With Kfir Kol
  • Contact Dance In Liquid Dimension With Tanja Siebenstern
  • Dancing With The Elements Outside And Within You Ith Tanja Siebenstern
  • Dolphin Improvisation With Roberto Donio
  • Sacred Dance With Tiago And Anisha

Free Alternative

Medical Service



Sacred Fire

Information available soon

After Boom Utopia

Information available soon