Arcane Festival Previous Line Ups

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Chumbawamba, Imperial Leisure, 3 Daft Monkeys, Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, Vaudeville Rave feat. JFB (Beardyman), Prism, Brickwork Lizards and more


The Main Stage line-up features Goldie Lookin' Chain, Chancery Blame And The Gadjo Club, The Goggenheim, Huffenpuff, Josienne Clarke (Formerly Mondesir), Lazarus And The Plane Crash, Mackating, The Mighty Redox, The New Moon, The Scholars, The Talc Daemons.

The Winchester & Ox4fm Second Stage hosts Ady Davey And Shakin Lips, Beaux Degats, Black Powder, Chambers Of The Heart, David Fulbrook, Justin Gibson, The Insult, 9 Stone Cowboy, Ranj

Soundsystems and DJs include Chango Mutley, Dan Ofer, DJ Mystic, Dutty Moonshine, Field Frequency Soundsystem, Lucid, The Rascalite Soundsystem with Goldie Lookin' Chain DJs, Zzbing.


The Main Stage line-up features A Silent Film, Mephisto Grande, The Goggenheim, Joe Allen Band, Tristan & the Troubadours, Motion in Colour, Reload The Radio, Death of a Small Town, PLU, and The Shakellers.

Queen of Clubs Stage has Eclipse Arts - UV puppet show, Anton Barbeau, Horns of Plenty (Oxford's street band), Scarlett in the Wilderness, The New Moon, Mondesir Ivy's Itch, Hugh Blaza, Maria Ilett, with more acts to be confirmed, and comedy, poetry and an open mic.

The Square One stage has DJ SY, DJ Fear (ft, Kathy Blockley Live), Sam Eeles, Matt Storm, DJ Cruze, Matt JB, B-ill, and MCs: Gsus, Brookzy, Ballzee.

The Pure Alchemy Stage has H0rus, SOV, DJ Kyte, Micky Ry, and AN-DJ.

Plus: Lucid (Formerly Baraka Records), Earthmonkey, ZZBing, Krusada, Nervous Interface, and The Phonographist.