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AfrikaBurn is a regional Burning Man event, which is heald annually in Tankwa Karoo, South Africa.

Each year a community of returning or new participants gather to create a community of art, costume, burning structures, themed caps, performances, music, mutant vehicles and much more.


Created through the strong volunteer culture of the local Tankwa Town citizens, the festivals aims to be "radically inclusive and accessible to anyone."

2012 Theme

The theme of 2012 AfrikaBurn is Mirage, with commity member Mariella Rossi stating the following:

"Mirage – a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce an illusion of water, people, or objects."

"What is there? What is real? And what is pure imagination? Is this a mirror of ourselves? A shimmering reflection. Temporary, transient."

"We gather on that lively line where the hot earth meets an aloof sky, and this is where we dance, sing, rejoice. But come quick, for if you wait too long, by the time you get there, we may be gone."


Tickets for this year's Afrika Burn have sold out, with none to be sold on the door