What is the best Dance and Electronic Festival?

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Submitted by Nik88 on 2011, October 28 - 3:50pm

In 2012 I really want to go to a dance and electronic festival. Whenever I go Leeds Festival I do check out the dance acts with Justice, Simian Mobile Disco and Pendulum being just a few acts to name that I've had a great time party too.

I've been to a few day/night festivals such as Detonate Indoor Festival in Nottingham which lasts for 10 hours and showcases top DJs playing the best in dance, electronic, dubstep, grime and so on. These sort of event have given me a real appetite to go to a dance and electronic festival.

I want know peoples thoughts and experiences of going to a festival solely dedicated to dance and electronic. What is best festival - Creamfields? Global Gathering? Or should I venture out into Europe to events such as Electric Elephant Festival in Croatia?

2011, November 3 - 12:12pm

I'd actually recommend venturing out into Europe, with more and more dance festivals appearing the UK, they are all becoming a little too similar to each other.

I reckon you would get a whole different experience if you went to a festival abroad :-D

2012, March 8 - 10:46am

It is difficult to pin down just one favourite point of Creamfields because I do think that it is a really great festival. I know plenty of people that have been to this as their first festival and they have all really enjoyed it, it is a really friendly festival for those first time goers.

I would say that personally my favourite aspect is the music at the festival, I really love electronic and dance music. On this basis, I do really love the festival!

Coupled with the great music there is always a fantastic atmosphere at this festival where everybody gets together and has a really great time!

2012, March 11 - 3:59pm

I am a complete newb when it comes to dance festivals, but I would probably try out Creamfields if I ever did venture into that event genre. It just seems to be the 'ultimate' dance festival - but then again, I could be totally wrong. I just know that, if I was to ever try out dance festivals, I would prefer to go to something super mainstream like Creamfields, as I think it would be more 'approachable' and 'accessible' for a first timer, in comparison to some really obscure dance fest, if that makes sense. Creamfields seems pretty open to everyone, hence why I would choose it. You don't have to be a aficionado in dance to attend necessarily.

2012, June 1 - 9:24pm

I think that it is about time that a new festival emerged in this genre! There seems to be very limited choice throughout this genre and I find it very annoying! As much as I love Creamfields I think that it is time for something different and it would seem there really is room for something new…