Tomorrowland Age Limit

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Submitted by Batezy on 2012, December 10 - 11:02pm

Why is someone who turns 18 that year but is still 17 at the time aloud in because they are born in 1995 but someone who is 17 aswell but born in 1996 not? Both aged 17 at the time of the festival.. Also what forms of ID so you need??

2012, December 11 - 12:21pm

Hello Batezy

We can't explain why this is, that is just the way the festival chooses to operate, and we can't comment otherwise.

In regards to ID, a passport is the best choice, however when tickets go on sale, the organisers will release a list of suitable options.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals