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Submitted by HanitaBonita on 2012, December 1 - 10:37am

Hey everyone!

I'm from Toronto, Canada. I am currently organizing this trip for over 25 confirmed people and I need all the help I can get! IF you have attended this festival in the past years or know someone who has I have some questions that would be so awesome to have answered!

  1. How does the ticket processing take place? Do you just confirm your credit card information and have to be lucky to get a ticket?

  2. I have looked into the different types of accommodations, I really would love an idea of WHICH type is best for someone who is traveling from far far away. (Is there a huge budget difference??)

  3. FLIGHTS!: I'm confused about the idea of the travel package? Is it offered to Toronto? OR only the USA?

Again, someone who has experience in the past would be SO helpful! (I'll bake you cookies and send them to you!!)

Thanks so much in advance! AND If you want to be added to the Facebook group for Canada, send me a message with your name and ill add you!!



2012, December 6 - 10:17pm


Im going for sure.. Me imagino k hablas espanol....por tu user...kiero ir este anio y tratare hasta el ultimo mmomento ....y seria mejor ir en lees esto pongamonos en en toronto tambien mi numero es 647-713-1909 escribeme y ahi hablamos.....

2012, December 25 - 11:10pm

Me and three others are looking at going from Canada too. I am wondering about most of these questions too but i was also wondering how many tickets you are able to purchase at once??

Thanks and hopefully see you all there!!

2013, January 3 - 12:23pm

Hello Riddle,

A minimum of 4 tickers per person can be purchased per person.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 21 - 11:17am

Hello! I am looking to buy tickets for me and some friends as well. I am from Canada but they are from Europe so I need an idea of how to go about this ad I need to book flights way in advance for a better price. When or how are tickets able to be purchased? I would be soooo excited to be able to experience this and I would appreciate all the advice anyone can offer to help make it happen! Please respond ASAP! Thank you!! Xoxo :)

2013, February 23 - 9:56pm

Hello Everyone,

I want to go Tomorrowland from Toronto as well. My friend and I were really unlucky with the tickets and have recently legitimate sites that sell them at 1,300 euros for a full madness pass + access to dreamville (no tent). Does anyone know if this is an acceptable amount at this time? or should we wait? the site suddenly showed tickets at 999 euros but they clearly sold out before we even had the change to sing-up! crazy! Anybody from Toronto's got their tickets yet? Wikifestival team: do you suggest getting this tickets are this price or wait a little for new releases?

anyone from Toronto add me on skype: cndgurl We can plan this whole trip together and maybe get groups discounts when possible.