Rebellion Festival

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Submitted by Soma on 2012, May 11 - 8:41pm

So has anyone heard of Rebellion Festival before? As I just discovered it and it sounds really really cool!

There are some really awesome older bands on the line up, like Stiff Little Fingers, Public Image Limited (Sex Pistols' John Lydon's other band) and The Slackers. But there is also lots of modern punk to choose from, like Rancid!! Woo!

And it all takes place in Blackpool! Yay! Finally a decent punk festival in the UK!

A 4 day pass is only 130! Now if you don't think that is good value you must be crazy! Ha!

What do you guys think? John - I bet you will like this one :) !

2012, May 20 - 2:42pm

It is cool to see a decent punk festival coming to the UK.

I think they could have booked some more well known artists though. And I say that simply because I think it has the potential to really niche itself in the market, as there isn't many punk festivals out there. So yeh, perhaps they could have tried a little harder to get themselves noticed?

But to book PIL is a pretty big deal I guess! I mean their front man is the ultimate punk legend!

I wonder what kinda people attend this event? Like, age wise, etc? I wonder if you get a lot of the old punks...or a more younger generation attend?

Love the fact it takes place in Blackpool too! How fun hehe!