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Submitted by stephenmounser on 2016, March 31 - 4:02pm

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this post and respond.

I am currently a student at Teesside University studying my Masters Degree in Future Design. I am working on a project which revolves around creating a portable, sustainable and clean energy source. What i am creating is small collapsible wind turbine that can also harness solar and hydro energy, it is only a concept idea as we are exploring futuristic materials and ideas.

It is aimed at people who enjoy hiking, festivals, extreme sports, kayaking etc. so there will be multiple versions of the product to match each markets needs. There is far to much to describe everything that is being considered with this design but i will try and give you an outline so you understand what is trying to be achieved. 

Then hopefully you will be able to give me some feedback, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, point out issues etc. just anything you can think of.

As mentioned before it is a portable small wind turbine that will allow you to charge you electrical devices whilst you are out on such excursions. But as well as being aimed at people partaking in activities there will also be a version aimed at more survival situations (the more extreme side of those activities)

The wind turbine will fold and collapse down into a tube shape with a size of around 1.5 feet and with a diameter of around 70mm, weighing in at around a few pounds. The blades and shaft of the device will be coved in a solar panels so that it can harness solar energy and then the head of turbine can be placed in water (it will be completely water proof) so that you can harness hydro energy from any source of running water. this means you can collect multiple energy sources wherever you are in the world. 

Power will be stored in an on bored battery that will then allow you to charge all of your gadgets; phones, cameras, GPS devices, Go-Pro and many more. 

The device can be left to work whilst you go off doing other things (at music festivals), used whilst you are doing your activity (attached to a bike, rucksack, kayak etc.) or just stored in you bag when the battery is full and be charging you gadgets. 

As mentioned to it there is a lot more to it but for now i would love to get your initial reactions and thoughts, just mention anything you can think of. 

Thank you Stephen Mounser