Live at Leeds 2012

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Submitted by Jaguar on 2012, May 6 - 1:19pm

So Live at Leeds 2012 took place this weekend (well, it continues on in today, actually) - and I just wondered if anybody went?

It was a pretty good line up!

Headlining the event were Ladyhawke (who I LOVE), Marina and the Diamonds (meh, she is okay), Los Campesinos (pretty cool), The Subways (hmm kinda outdated right?) and The Enemy (wait, aren't these are even more outdated? ha ha).

But like most festivals this year, Live at Leeds 2012 was all about the smaller acts!

Highlights include: Chew Lips, Friends (my personal favourite), Niki and the Dove, Spector (well I personally can't stand this band - but a lot of people are raving about them right now).

However, go even deeper into the line up and you find a bunch of unsigned, unknown artists - a lot of which hail from Leeds / go to Uni there or something. How cool is that? It is like a hot bed for new music and a chance for Leeds to showcase its talents!

What I really love about this event is that it takes place over multiple venues. I really dig festivals like that as, not only is it the perfect place to discover new music, it is also a good chance for the attendees to taste the entire city - if that makes sense? The festival kinda forces you into all these different venues, and you might discover a place that you have never been before that you really love. So not only is it about music discovery, it is also about discovering Leeds!

Of course this applies to all multi venue festivals - I wish there were more of them in the UK I really do. Some of my favourite festivals, like Moog and SXSW, all go for that set up. It is much more interesting than being stuck in one place.

What do you guys think of this festival and indeed other venues which take place across a whole town / city, rather than in one select venue?

And once again, if you did go to Live at Leeds 2012, please do tell us your thoughts! Did you catch any amazing unsigned artists we should all look out for?