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Submitted by myron on 2012, March 30 - 11:14am

Ok, so what are the details for Kazantip? I notice there are two Kazantip's .. one in the ukraine & the other in Portugal ... confusing

2012, March 30 - 12:34pm

Hello Myron!

I have never heard of Kazantip, has it been running long? Have you been before?

2012, March 31 - 8:42am

yeah its been running for years (the one in the Ukraine). the main one is in the Ukraine kazantip-republic.com and a copy cat one has sprung up http://kazantip.com/ in Portugal.

They both look good though!

2012, March 31 - 7:49pm

Yeh, that is quite weird !

Hmm I just Googled it. There is defo two Kanzatips.

Here is the Portugal one - http://kazantip.com/

Here is the Ukraine one - http://www.kazantip.thecrimea.org/

I am beginning to think there is a Sonisphere style thing going on here in that it is a travelling festival? They both seem very similar.

Have you ever been myron? Or are you planning to go?

Has anyone here been? Can anyone shed any light on this?

Ooh. Hang on wait, I have been looking into them both. I am not sure I like the sound of this festival at all. Read this here: http://www.kazantip.thecrimea.org/girls.html

"Wow. The girlZ of kaZantip are like goddesses!! As the sun comes out and the day heats up, the tops come off and there are beautiful, tanned bodies covering the beach. It's easy to get lost in the sea of beautiful girls that surround you there. It is hard to compare anything to the stunning beauty of Russian and Ukrainian girls that flock to kaZantip to be free, relax, party, make love, dance in the sun and under the moon."

A similar kind of page can be found on the Portugal one...

It basically seems to be one big orgy and they seem to employ 'hot' girls to have sex with people? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

I am not sure I like sound of that AT ALL...!

Then again at least they add this in their "rules":

  • NO fast or simple sex is allowed.(Sex hunters can be banned for life!)
  • The use of brains and condoms is always recommended.

Apparently you have the option to "get married" at this festival too?

Still! I doubt anywhere in the UK would ever get away with something like that! Ha ha ...yikes!

2012, April 8 - 4:24pm

OH! That blog posting was super bitchy wasn't it, ha ha ;). So it seems that the Portugal one is just leeching of the real Ukrainian one? And they are stealing the Ukrainian event's photographs for their own website? Yikes, that is really really bad. I just presumed it was like Sonisphere or something, you know, a touring festival. The same festival, just in different countries. But this just seems to be a huge case of plagiarism. I wonder why they haven't took some sort of lawful action?

That VICE video didn't work for me. Although they still label it a "month long orgy". Plus the content of the video doesn't sound too appealing going on the comments underneath it....But then again most people are saying VICE have presented it in a bad light: "I have been to Kazantip, my friends go every year and play that party. This video is not correct at all. Yes some people walk around naked, but that happens at many festivals...Basically this video made me kinda angry. Kazantip is an awesome place, have never heard anyone say otherwise."

Still, I think it all sounds a bit dodgy and I personally will be staying well away! But perhaps I am just a huge prude ha ha.

2013, January 29 - 6:47am

So guys real kazantip is in ukrain . the ones who started it had a dumbass in theyr group and he copied all and started it in portugal (portugal fake/ ukrain real) anyway i wanted to post this video from kazantip in ukrain i think you will enjoy it :)

video-one com /video/19f262e53f07ef0fb340ace960210bb9.html?fid=Beautiful just put a dot infront of com and put the link together

im going there next year . btw you get chicks easy there if you know a litle russian ;) my friend was there many years in a row he said it was the best time of summer .

2013, February 16 - 10:11pm

I am looking for any information about Kazantip 2013 which is an electronic dance music festival. There is no much info available on the web so far. It is said here: thecrimea.org.ua/content/view/123 that Kazantip will be held in August but I don’t know whether it is for sure or not. Any info about Kazantip 2013 will be appreciated very much!

2013, April 11 - 6:53pm

I've never heard of Kazantip. Considering the price to travel all the way to the Ukraine, I don't think I could make it this year. It does sound like good fun! I don't like the way people advertise it as a wild debauched affair, that just detracts from what it really is; a music festival. It looks great, so if time and money were not a problem, I would definitely go there!