Isle Of White Festival 2012 Lineup

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Submitted by Nik88 on 2012, March 9 - 1:16pm

Most of the acts and bands have been announced for the Isle of Wight Festival 2012. Check out the line-up so far - Isle Of Wight 2012 Line-up.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band are the headliners. It looks like Isle Of Wight has gone back to the good old 80s and think these are great headlining bands. Tom Petty hasn't played in the UK for decades, Pearl Jam are not too bad and The Boss has some epic songs.

Although I think the rest of the line-up is bit of a let down. On each stage, there are only two or maybe three acts/bands that I would watch. I would like to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds as I want to see how Noel does without Liam and Oasis. I suppose Primal Scream would be cool, but I've seen them before.

To be honest apart from that, there aren't many acts that are jumping off my screen as a much watch. Past line-ups haven't been too bad really but recent line-ups and this year's festival looks like it's trying to cover a broad variety of genres by having acts/bands such as Jessie J, Tinnie Tempah to Feeder, Biffy Clyro and Magnetic Man. I also recently read that Lana Del Rey has even been added to the line-up... I'm unsure about her; I think she's a bit boring. I've seen a fare few of the acts before, so the overall line-up looks a little average.

What are people's thoughts on the Isle of Wight line-up so far? Is anyone planning on going to the festival?

2012, March 15 - 6:33pm

I know what you mean, alot of the bands I'd be happy to see but I'm not wildly familiar with their material, If they did day tickets I would love to see Bruce Springsteen though, I hear he is meant to be amazing!

2012, March 16 - 6:21pm

I love Tom Petty so I was really excited to hear that he was headlining. Like you said, he has not played here in the UK for years, so I was tempted to go just to see him. It is a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity. But I did not want to see anyone else apart from Bruce Springsteen. I am not a fan of Peal Jam (the other headliner). In fact the whole line up is kind of lame, I mean, people like Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Example are pitching super high up on the billing...!

That said, I do think Isle of Wight is a good festival all round and they always secure good headliners. So I am not totally bashing it.

I just wish they did day tickets. As I would have purchased a ticket for Friday so I could see Petty. But I really do not want to spend out on a weekend ticket when I am not all that interested in seeing anyone else. Hmm!

Anyone else think that Isle of Wight should consider offering day tickets?