Hyde Park Concerts/Festivals Future In Doubt

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Submitted by Jaguar on 2011, December 24 - 1:50pm

Did anybody hear about this???? Future concerts / festivals in Hyde Park, London, are officially at risk, following a rise in noise complaints! Apparently they rose by 50 percent over the past two years. Now without sounding like a party pooper - that is quite a significant rise! Perhaps Hyde Park are slipping slightly in their consideration for local residents? Or perhaps locals are simply growing more uptight =P?????

It gets worse - if the council prevent gigs / festivals from being able to go ahead, Royal Parks will lose a mighty amount of revenue! That is a big concern to me - upkeep of parks is so important, namely in London where there is barely any green areas!!! So I would hate to see Royal Parks lose a lot of money because of this :(.

I admit, I am not that big a fan of attending 'festival' type events in London (I prefer fests tucked away in forests and farms around rural England =P). However, I think it would be such a shame if Hyde Park was to stop holding events - it is a fantastic venue in the heart of our capital city. So many epic gigs / festivals have took place there over the last few years and I think it would be truly devastating to the live music scene if they were no longer allowed to be held there.

2011, December 29 - 1:52pm

Yea I heard about this. I was reading another article about this story and if these new restrictions come into action in the new year, not only will it have an effect on future events being held there but also the London Live events that are mean't to take place as part of the Olympics.

Live Nations' (who are the largest producers of live music events in the World) contract with the Royal Parks was due to end at the end of 2011 and if the Westminster Council decide to go forward with this cut down on live events, it would become unattractive for Live Nation to renew their agreement with Royal Parks - And like you say Jaguar, it would mean a huge loss in revenue.

Haha, maybe the local residence are getting older and more uptight, but the noise levels isn't the only reason behind their complaints. I read that they also complained about the amount of rubbish left and urinating on the street by festive/concert goers. I think this is far comment by the locals as no one wants to see people pissing on their streets and throwing rubbish around. But maybe this is something the festival/concert organisers should police better to keep relations sweet with locals and they may not complain as much?!

Also after these complaints, the Westminster council want to reduce the noise from 75 to 73 decibels. That's fair enough but to do that, they want to cut the number of events permitted to nine in 2013 and even limit the number of events to six for 2012! Does anyone think this a bit harsh? Does the reduction of two decibels really make that much difference?? The events that are held at Hyde Park tend to only last a day and some historic shows have taken place there. So it would definitely be a shame if big concerts were no longer held there. I've bought albums by bands who have recorded their live shows at Hyde Park - Even for bands, performing at venues such as Hyde Park means a lot to them too. Perhaps Hyde Park is one of those places were bands can think to themselves, "they have made it" if they get to play there!

2011, December 30 - 12:51am

Hey Nik,

Yeh I heard it will potentially effect the Olypmic live music events too. I can't believe that! You think they would have at least held out until after the Olympics to implement all of this! Argh! I mean those Olympic events would be absolutely brilliant in Hyde Park...So atmospheric. Where else do you think they could take place, should the council impose this thing? Wembley Stadium I am guessing...but for me, there is something appealing by the idea of the Olympic events being in a park you know? Something kinda, earthy and free about it. Whereas a stadium is very concrete and claustrophobic...

Also I am really worrying about the future of the BBC Proms in the Park! I mean! They are simply legendary! Pretty much a national treasure!

I understand the complaints about urinating and excess rubbish. I can imagine how awful that must be. But then again like you said, perhaps rather than STOP gigs from taking place, implement better organization, better security and better policing - rather than strip the park of concerts entirely you know?

Two decibels, that's it? Ha ha ha! Why are they kicking up so much fuss if they just want the concerts to be reduced by two decibels! Ha ha!!!!!

I am totally shocked they want to cut the events down to just six a year! THAT IS MADNESS! I mean, you have to remember as well that some bands choose to play two events over a weekend to fulfill ticket demand. So those six slots would be snapped up so quickly... Hmm, that is shocking to me.

I would be so sad if all this happens - I mean it is such an important venue. Smack bang in the middle of London - a brilliant outdoor venue - perfect for summertime. Etc etc.

Residents may complain now about the rubbish, noise, urinating, etc - but I am sure they will have a lot more to complain about when (well, if) Westminster Council ban all gigs / festivals on the site, so Royal Parks consequently loss a bunch of revenue, and then the entire park site becomes desolate due to lack of funds for upkeep. Then THAT is something they will moan about! Arggggh!

2012, January 5 - 7:18pm

This sounds horrible and it is not because I don't care, but I have never really been a fan of these kinds of so-called festivals.

Jaguar, like you, a festival like this in London is not really my idea of a festival. It is usually a one-day event of Jack Johnson or something. In fact, one of my friends has never been to a gig but loves to tell everyone she went to a festival. To see Jack in Hyde Park, I mean really?? So daft.

I do think it is crazy that residents have an issue. I mean if the residents of Kensington Palace don't care then everyone else should get over it. I mean they are the closet to it right?

The upkeep of parks in London is vital to London as a city and to its residents. I imagine they are just posh people who don't care who are complaining.

Hyde Park I guess in an essential part of the music industry and festivals nowadays, it would be a shame if it was lost in that respect!

What do they plan to do? Will there be a chance for people to petition against it? There are only a few events on each year there anyways right? They don't go on all night either?

It really is daft when you think about it!

2012, July 16 - 4:34pm

The simple solution to all the problems is to stop selling drink! Went to see Springsteen on Saturday, Terrible 75% of people out of their heads.

2012, July 17 - 10:15am

I can see what you're saying, but that would punish those of us who are responsible drinkers don't you think? :-(