Gotye's Fear of Festivals

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Submitted by Jaguar on 2012, May 4 - 9:37pm

Gotye has revealed he will not be playing any UK festivals in the near future as he has a huge fear of them!

Gotye said: "I'm not doing many festivals, and none in the UK. I've had enough bad festival experiences early on so I'm scared of doing them."

What do you guys think of this?

Do you like Gotye?

Was you hoping to see him on the festival circuit?

Are you thus disappointed to hear this news?

I think "Somebody That I Used To Know" is annoyingly overrated - but that is just my opinion!

I felt sorry for him when I first started reading the article, but then I got to this part: "I'll avoid them unless I can get more support from the organisers, more time to soundcheck or maybe move higher up the bill so I can get better preparation time."

One word: DIVA!

No offence but he has only had one decent hit - why should he be moved up the bill?. And what right does he have over other artists to have "more time to soundcheck"?

It probably sounds worse quoted on paper but I think he is really rude (and somewhat egotistical) for saying that!

2012, May 10 - 4:37pm

To begin with I did feel sorry for him. This was because I thought maybe he had some real psychological fear of them, like agoraphobia or something. I would have had a genuine concern and want to share my support. But as you read on, you do start to think DIVA like you say, Jaguar.

Surely if they gave all artists loads of time to sound check then nothing would ever get done. Perhaps he is worried cos he sounds bad live? Who knows...if that is the case, then when he gets bad reviews he should just say that he didn't have enough time to sound check.

Everyone who goes to festivals is aware that it is hard to sounds as good as you really/normally do as the weather and being in a massive field plays a huge part. Most of us are drunk, not here to just see one artist and are too busy dancing with our mates to really analyse the technical quality of your voice, Gotye.

In my opinion you should 'Gotye over your fear mate'...and stop being so pretentious...oooh see what I did there! hah! Sorry, I shouldn't be so rude, but in all honesty, the festival organisers can't give him top us why you deserve to be there first, you haven't really been around forever.

I really liked him until I read that and responded. Now my own rant is making me not such a fan! Time to stop I think!

2012, May 10 - 6:55pm

Exactly, Kizza.

I was all ready to offer my support to him. But then as I progressed deeper into the article I was like, "Hmm, really Gotye?" ha ha.

Gosh, digression, but I seriously hate his name ha ha. How the hell do you even say it?

It is well known artists get barely any time to sound check at a fesitval. To be honest, it is all part of the fun. A festival set is meant to be raw - you just gotta go on and work with what you got, you know? It is not like a gig, where you have all day to sound check and set up your gear.

And you are right, it is not like everyone is judging your technical proficiency at a festival. If we are not drunk, we are too busy dancing to care about a bum note, ha ha!

And LOVED the pun, Kizza, ha ha!