Going alone to tomorrow land 2016

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Submitted by Ezarate on 2016, January 22 - 1:46am

My friend just backed out of the trip, I am preregistered and ready to go. Is there anyone that would like to meet up and group up? I'm not sure if I'm willing to go alone. 22m Colorado USA

2016, February 8 - 3:50pm

hey i have my ticket too and my friends dont find it :) and i dont want to go alone so if we can make group that will be motivate me

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2016, February 9 - 1:52pm

Hey man I can join u guys on Friday ...I am staying there at dreamvile

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2016, February 9 - 1:42pm

Dude I m goin alone too ....if u r making any kinda group tn plz let me in...

2016, February 9 - 11:24pm

facebook.com/grou ps/1112426922110302/ Had to split the link so that the whole thing is visible :P Join us on Facebook :) it's for us lonely travelers!