Ever met the love of your life at a festival?

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Submitted by Kizza on 2011, November 2 - 12:16pm

This is not from experience. But I wondered if anyone has met the love of their life at a festival?

Maybe you just saw her in the distance, never to engage in conversation or a life long partnership? Or maybe you actually met your now boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?

I am sure that it has happened. I am sure someone out there has a great 'romance' story to share.

What a great thing to tell the grand kids...'well back in the summer of '09 we met across a field, full of grubby kids and awesome music...'

Stories, please, share!

2011, November 2 - 7:02pm

I'd be interested to know if anyone had met the love of their life, or their current boyfriend/girlfriend at least, at a festival.

Even though people say that they find festivals to be great for meeting new people and overcoming normal social boundaries, I don't think this makes it a good place to meet the love of your life. Just as I don't think clubs are a good place to meet anyone that you wish to continue seeing past the next morning, I put festivals in the same bracket, as I think they have a lot of the same qualities that lead to more one-night stands than relationships.

With the amount of alcohol or other substances consumed over the weekend people rush into hasty relationships that may last over the festival weekend at the most. People also have a much more laid back attitude to life when at a festival, possibly leading to getting close to someone and then deciding it's not really going to work once you get home. I think a lot of people are quite different at festivals as well, maybe due to a mixture of alcohol and being in a unique environment and I think this would put me off taking a festival relationship seriously.

I don't want to be too much of a pessimist, just because it doesn't work for me I'd like to hear someone else's take on it.

2011, November 3 - 5:05pm

I think that it would be quite a cool, even magical place to fall in love.

I agree...I'm not sure that anyone actually goes to a festival with the aim to find love, but maybe the music, setting, beer, wine combination means that people do.

Also, people are more themselves at a festival rather then any where else so maybe people are more open and more open to meeting others?

I don't know...I guess you see the 'real' side of someone at a festival...unless they are high or intoxicated the whole weekend. So come to think of it maybe that isn't a valid point!

All I know is that, although I have never met anyone like that at a festival (as I have never been single at a festival), perhaps I would be more inclined to as I am the most comfortable, calm and relaxed I ever am when I am there! The festival environment really brings that out of people I think...but maybe I am just an old romantic?!

2011, November 6 - 3:28pm

I think that would be the most romantic thing, in the world, ever. Sadly, I cannot claim to have met the love of my life at a festival. I agree with you though, Kizza, there is a real relaxed, authentic ambiance at a festival, so it is a chance to show people who you really are and perhaps meet people for who they really are. And if you turn out to be compatible, well, all the better.

A slight diversion - but who has SPENT a festival with a lover? How did it go? Did you find the festival weekend the most romantic of times away with them, or did you end up hating each other by the time the fest was out? Ha ha! I am just interested as, I have never really been to a festival where I am deep into a relationship. And I sometimes think that is for the best. But one day, I am somewhat of an old romantic and hope to spend it with a true love. As the idea of being in that setting with someone you love seems perfect to me...

I do know a friend that proposed to another friend at Glasto this year. Which was fantastic. A festival is a great place to propose, isn't it? Just imagine getting proposed to during a band's set at night, the moon up high in the sky, your favourite song flowing around the festival site....Oh I am getting all cooey just thinking about it.

2011, November 7 - 3:52pm

Jaguar, I have been to a festival with a boyfriend, twice actually, the same guy!

It was awesome, we had the best time. The first festival was amazing, it was Reading and we had only known each other a few months. It was a bit scary spending the whole weekend with him and not being able to wash but I soon got over it.

It was nice to just be myself, I guess apart from being around my family I am never more myself than at a festival. Also it was his first festival and I had been a few times before so I got to 'show him the ropes' kinda thing.

At that time he thought I was the coolest girl ever...I loved music, festivals made me happy and I wasn't like other girls he had gone out with who couldn't leave the house without their hair straightners. Needless to say that the novelty of me soon wore off and after three and a half years we are no longer but I do think that it was my happiest time with him...by far the best week of my life.

Glastonbury with him was another highlight! Music, fields, fun and the one you love, you can't quite beat it!

Right, enough of that now...gone all sad and miserable on you!

Oh and a proposal at a festival...awesome! Imagine if your favourite band announced that someone in the audience had a special announcement and the whole crowd turned and looked at you...future husband to be, where ever you are, take note! That is how I want to be proposed to!


2011, November 7 - 9:03pm

That's fair enough if you feel you are more open there, I really wasn't saying it's a bad thing that people may not be themselves, I just feel that it doesn't make it a good way to meet the love of your life. For me festivals are all about being away from reality, and if you leave your boring old self at home then being unlike your usual self can be great for a weekend. All I meant was that maybe when you are back to reality you may not be the same person that someone fell for at the festival.

I feel that I'm more myself back home, but maybe who we really are is a bit too philosophical for these forums haha!

2011, November 10 - 4:12pm

John, I see where you are coming from. Perhaps I see myself as more open and that is not the real me! Maybe it is my festival persona!!


I like how you say that you want to get away from reality at a festival. Do you think if you met someone at a festival and liked them you would go out with them? Or do you think that 'what happens at a festival should stay at a festival?'

It is like going away to uni or on holiday. You have a chance to re-invent yourself. Something that when you are home with all the same old people you have known forever you can't really do!

I like your thinking John...it has given me a new perspective!

2011, November 11 - 9:19am

I think if I was single and met someone pretty awesome at a festival I'd want to see them again. I'd definitely give it a chance after the festival had finished, but I wouldn't be declaring my love for them before the end of the festival weekend!

2011, November 14 - 1:04pm

Kizza, I find it interesting how you state you feel you are "more real" at a festival. I somewhat understand where you are coming from - being removed from everyday stress, everyday materialistic items, etc, certainly makes you turn somewhat inwards and bring something out from inside of you. However, lack of things like a nice bed (and consequently, a nice sleep!), showers, just my 'things' can mean I can get a bit homesick or blue or indeed grouchy and sometimes I just pine for my home comforts. I wouldn't really label that "me" though.

What do you mean when you feel more 'yourself'? Like I said I have seen you say you feel this way in several threads and it interested me so I thought I would take the plunge and ask you to divulge a little more =D.

2011, November 14 - 4:29pm

Thanks for asking Jaguar...I guess when I say I am more 'me', I just find that a festival brings out who I am and allows me to be the 'real' me.

I am (without harping on too much about myself) a kind of creative, kooky kind of person (not hippyish I may add). I used to work in the real stuffy corporate world and found that at a festival I actually felt like really alive...energized and kind of at home.

I have always enjoyed camping as opposed to posh hotels, something my friends and family find weird. I love to meet new people. Music is my life in a way and at a festival I can just be the real version of myself.

I love being outdoors, I like to socialise and these are all part of being at a festival. I then find it hard to go back to work and be confined to a desk and an office with windows that don't open...does that make sense?

Perhaps I am not explaining it very well at all. I know what you mean about missing your own bed, showers and nice things but I have never been homesick at a festival as I generally feel at peace. Glastonbury especially for me. I guess that is because if you want to escape the hecticness of the festival you can walk to the top of the hills, find a quiet spot and just reflect.

I have never been one for the pretense of being 'cool' and acting like a fool at a festival just to impress. I found uni tough cos everyone was pretending to be someone they were not...at a festival I can just be me without judgement.

Hope that makes sense?