Deposit Scheme... Should More Festivals Introduce This?

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Submitted by Nik88 on 2012, January 9 - 1:33pm

In the coming months, many of the festivals will be releasing their tickets for general sale. Many festivals now can cost in excess of £200 per ticket and it can be difficult for many people to pay that much money in one go, especially if they have other expenses to budget for too.

However when Reading and Leeds Festival tickets come on sale in March, the festival boss Melvin Benn has revealed that a deposit scheme will be put into place. With an interview with NME, Benn stated that he would love to reduce the prices of tickets but with the way the economic climate is at the moment, it would be difficult to do so. Festivals are becoming increasingly more expensive to run, from the infrastructure, to the lights, sound and bands. Benn also pointed out that he would love to reduce the prices of tickets, but it just wouldn't be viable at this current time.

I think this deposit scheme is a good idea. Instead of paying for a ticket one go, it will allow people to put a down payment for a ticket and then in the following months pay the rest of it off. I guess there would be a time limit - tickets have to be paid for a month or two before the festival?

Does anyone else like the idea of this deposit scheme? Should other or all festivals take on this idea? Can anyone see any problems that could arise?

2012, January 10 - 7:51pm

I do think this is a good idea, just a shame that Reading/Leeds had to break the £200 barrier before it was put in place. It is good to see that the festival organisers at least acknowledge that the prices are sky high, but as expected they don't plan to take any real action on it. I think this will help out people who can't afford to pay all that money in one go. My only criticisms are kind of from a personal view, but I feel that paying in several sums of money kind of makes it feel like you are paying less overall, and also I really hate having payments hanging over me. I would much prefer to pay for a festival up front and eat nothing but porridge for a month or so until I had some money again, rather than have to keep thinking when my next payment was due, but that's just me. I think as well, with Leeds and Reading selling out so fast if you don't have the money on one specific day then you are kind of screwed. With other festivals you can just wait until you have the money if you know they aren't going to sell out, but in this case I guess it is a good thing that Reading and Leeds have this option available.

2012, January 13 - 5:35pm

I think this is a great idea. Granted, as mentioned already here, it is crap that Reading/Leeds broke the £200 mark but I guess someone was gonna do it. It is like filling up your car. For years you think 'oh it only costs xx amount to fill it up' then pretty soon you wonder why it costs you more and more each time. The price of everything has risen in the past year so it is no wonder that festivals have had to up their costs.

Although the price of their own land should not be costing them any more!!

I think the deposit scheme is a great way to pay it off in installments. Is there a fine if you fail to make a payment? Just thinking if there are other ways that the festivals may try and make money off these kinds of schemes.

I imagine more and more festivals will be doing things like this now due to people not always having the cash upfront to be able to pay for the festival in one go.

Personally...I prefer to pay for things in one go. I would rather sacrifice something else and know that I had paid it all off. I hate knowing that I owe people money...can't do it to my landlord, the bank so doubt I would be able to do it for a festival! :)