BOOM 2016

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Submitted by the secret gard... on 2016, July 11 - 9:24pm

CALLING ALL BOOMERS 2016. Camping on the lake next-door to the Boom. Sisters and brothers, we are blessed enough to have been given access to land on the lake to use for the week before and the week after the Boom 2016. We want to offer fellow boomers the chance to connect directly with this beautiful lake and her oak forests and so are thinking to create a wild camping space for 50 people. We would like to keep the space as pure as possible with little infrastructure, so we will only build some composting toilets, and create some shade structures. The land is wild, with a massive lake beach, a big river, and lots of big old stone oak trees. It is next to the Boom land but the access road is different because of the river. Campers will need to be mostly self-sufficient for food and transport. We will have drinking water and other necessities to buy for those who need it, and can probably provide at least some meals and transport for a few people. Camping will cost 50 euros per person per week, 8 euros per night (when reserved) Out of respect to the Boom organisers, for the week before the Boom we can only offer space to people with tickets for the Boom. The week after the Boom we will be open to everyone. Come and join us for a seriously back-to-nature chill out time on the lake! Please contact us if you want to book a space and please share this post with anyone you know who is going to the Boom 2016. One Love.

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