Beastie Boys are known to let the beat...mmm....drop!

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Submitted by Kizza on 2012, May 10 - 4:58pm

I know that this is slightly off topic for 'festivals' but I am sure there will be many festival tributes throughout the summer. I was saddened by the death of Adam Yauch aka MCA from the Beastie Boys and thought it should be highlighted here.

I am not a die-hard fan by any means but the Beastie Boys did play a special part in my love of music, and I credit their record 'Hello Nasty' to broadening my musical horizons.

When it came out in ''97/'98, I was 13 and on a trip away with school. This guy I had a crush on was obsessed with them but back then I was mainly into Oasis, indie and old school dance. Listening to Hello Nasty made me see a whole different side of music. A different style and opened my eyes to hip-hop in a way that I think is still really valuable to me today.

Maybe I am not making much sense. They, to me, were real pioneers with talent and a totally different spin than anything anyone else was doing back then. Even by today's standards they push boundaries.

What do you all think? Do you have love for the Beastie Boys? If so, what is your favourite record? I am a big Intergalactic fan as well as Three MC's and One DJ...

Do you think many acts will do a tribute this summer at festivals? Unlike other bands that can go on without a particular member, the Beastie Boys died along with MCA...sad times...but their legacy will always remain!


2012, May 10 - 6:16pm

Hey Kizza!

I was so very sad when I heard the news about Adam Yauch last Friday. I actually felt like crying. I haven't been so moved by the death of a musician in quite some time.

I think it is because it came so out of the blue. I was keeping up to date with his condition, and the last update I remember reading was positive. So for him to suddenly go without warning, it was just a huge shock for me :(. And he was obviously so young and guhhhhhhhr :(.

I genuinely loved their music. I adore their debut, License to Ill and the follow up, Paul's Boutique. The latter was just so important to the world of sampling, too - like nobody had tackled sampling like that before. It is such a fun album, there are so many pop culture references and you hear something new every time!

They were pioneers of the alternative hip hop genre too. I can't really think of anyone before them who kinda made it cool for indie kids to like rap - if that makes sense?

And they were so darn funny too! I love how dorky they were ha ha!

Plus, like everyone is saying, MCA was the George Harrison of the group. He was so spiritual and his lyrics were positive and, yeh, he was probably my favourite (although I like Ad Rock's voice the most).

But for me the most amazing thing about the Beastie Boys is that they never really slacked. Like, even up to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, they were still on edge. They never really got lame!

I am sure the festivals will do something to honour Adam. I am not sure if the artist's themselves will - as awful as it sounds but it will probably be old news by then.

Did you see Coldplay's tribute by the way? They did an acoustic version of "Fight For Your Right" - a lot of people loved it, a lot of people hated it. But I guess that is always the case with anything Coldplay, ha ha.

Do you think the Beastie Boys will continue? I really don't think they will. I think they respect their friendship too much to continue. Beastie Boys are genuinely not Beastie Boys as a duo. In fact, I think it would be in bad taste if they continued. What do you think?

Just as long as no holograms are planned, ha ha. Oops - was that joke too soon?

I loved the title of this thread, by the way, ha ha!

2012, May 14 - 3:04pm

Hey! I did see Coldplay's tribute. Personally I thought it was both beautiful and extremely fitting. I know that people got a bit funny about it, but Chris Martin and the gang where just honouring MCA in the best way and the way that they know how. How can you get annoyed about that?

You are right, too. Adam was most certainly the George Harrison of the group. He did so much for charity and free Tibet. He was an extremely spiritual person. Hopefully his friends and family will find comfort that this is not the end for him, if they follow in his beliefs.

I don't think that they can continue. Like I said, when MCA died, so did the Beastie Boys and I think that this is what makes the whole thing so tragic. They were so young when they started and were kind of the three musketeers really. I think in this case it was the 'day the music died' in a real Buddy Holly kind of way.

Like you say, they never slacked, always gave it their all and were so fundamental. The day after my boyfriend went to see Professor Green at Brixton (no accounting for taste, hey!) and I said 'oooh I hope he does a tribute' and he didn't. If I was in the music industry and playing a gig that weekend I would have taken time out to acknowledge what had happened. I am sure that without the likes of the Beastie Boys, Grime would never really have become as big as it does have some resonation, don't you agree? Or am I pushing it too far now? I mean, if Coldplay can tinkle 'Fight for your right' then surely Professor Green can use his MC skills to share the love?

2012, May 16 - 11:28pm

Hey Kizza!

I agree about the Coldplay thing. I mean, you gotta hand it to them, they knocked it up really quickly. I think they performed it literally within hours of the news breaking. I mean, I am not a huge fan by any means, but there was no need to hate on their tribute. In fact, I think Adam Yauch would have thought people were jerks for moaning about it.

It has generally become cool to hate on Coldplay, hasn't it?

Mind you I do think they are pretty embarrasing nowadays. They were great a few years ago, though. What do you think of them?

Mike D or Ad Rock are yet to speak out about Adam's death, I don't think? But I am pretty sure they will agree to not continue Beastie Boys. As sad as that is. But I know they both have a lot going on in their own personal careers though, so they should be okay. Ad Rock is a pretty successful producer I think.

Yeh, you would think Professer Green would have made a shout out don't you?! Bah!

By the way did you see that short film that was released to coincide with the release of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two? It starred really big names like Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Elijah Wood, Laura Dern, Zach Galifinakis, Orlando Bloom, Steve Buscemi, Seth Rogen - the list is literally ENDLESS! Ha ha. Proves how influential the Beastie Boys were though, to secure so many big names. You can watch it here by the way:

By the way another thing (final rant) ha ha - a lot of people kinda forget the Beastie Boys were hardcore punks at heart. And the fact they like played all their own instruments. And MCA was actually a pretty damn hot bassist. So yeh, just putting that big up out there! Ha ha =P.

2013, May 23 - 5:24am

Hey there! Seconding, or thirding, the love for the Beastie Boys. I've been a fan since high school (which, granted, wasn't that long ago), and MCA's death still upsets me to think about just because of how unexpected it was; I was in no way prepared for a world without the Beastie Boys. As far as favorites go, I'm honestly a big fan of Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two. If they had to end, I don't think they could have ended on a better note.

2013, May 25 - 10:48am

I think most people don't take the Beastie Boys very seriously and think their music is a joke. It's kind of disappointing because they really were fantastic and I wish more people understood that! They were bad-asses at heart and they were original... something I can't say about many other musicians.

2013, August 19 - 3:04pm

This was the first Rap Tape I ever bought, I love these guys. They have fun and really enjoy what they do and why they choose to do it. Music is universal and the chance to grow and learn from the people who have done it before you is a wonderful opportunity to grow within your own craft. Music is one of the best things you can experience when listening to music that is original like the Beastie Boys.

2013, August 19 - 5:17pm

I know I may be late on this thread but I can really understand where a lot of people are coming from. The Beastie Boys are one of my favorite groups of all time and I was deeply saddened by the passing of Adam Yauch. It just goes to show how fast life can end.

2013, August 22 - 3:58am

Thanks to this I spent the entire day listening to the Beastie Boys.

2013, August 24 - 6:58pm

I loved To The Boroughs when it came out. I was never much of a Beastie Boys fan growing up, but I really got into that album. I was in grade school when their first album came out and I never in a million years would have guessed that they would go on to be as popular as they've become.

2013, August 25 - 10:17am

I love listening to the Beastie Boys. They are really fantastic. Most of the people underestimate them, but that is not the truth. The fans of Beastie Boys are also increasing rapidly. This itself proves their success.