7000 tons of metal

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Submitted by Kizza on 2012, March 2 - 1:26pm

So I stumbled across this...http://www.70000tons.com/ and I was really intrigued.

Has anyone heard of it before? So this year is over and done with but wow, a floating boat with metal fans. A metal festival on a cruise liner! I personally can't think of anything worse. Not because I hate metal, but because I am not a boat person and a cruise is my idea of hell!

Has anyone ever been or know someone who has? It looks like it sets sail from Miami and round to Cuba. I guess at least if they are all on a boat then no one can have a go at them all for being too loud right?

I have no idea who any of the acts were who played this year. Their names kinda freaked me out!

But it really does sound like quite an interesting idea. I wonder who came up with it and how tough it was to organise it?

2012, March 17 - 2:57pm

Woweeeee! That is AMAZING! Ha ha, jeez. What a party that would be huh!

I am quite surprised that a metal festival can even fund this, though. Not to sound judgemental or anything - I just didn't think there would be the demand and thus the funds to pull off such an event! Judging by the photos it looks really successful though - awesome!

I wonder what kinda artists they get? If they book big names then it must be awesome. I just had a surf around the web too see who played, but I couldn't find anything :(. Sucks! Anyone here that can share any info?????

I fell in love with the idea of a cruise festival when Weezer did their "Weezer Cruise". Did you hear about that? It looked amazing. The bands were amazing...the entertainment was amazing...the cruise looked amazing. IT WAS JUST AMAZING! Ha ha but seriously, Weezer held like really goofy contests and dress up parties and things so it was just basically one big bundle of fun. I would have loved to have gone but obviously it set sail in America and all...

But it must be so fun sharing a cruise with like minded music fans! What an experience it must be! I bet you meet some great people!

I have always wondered what the bands do. They must stay on the ship for the duration of the cruise too? Which is pretty cool when you think about it...

I wasn't all that fearful of cruises, but with all these ship sinkings that keep happening lately, I have grown a little more frightful, ha ha! Still, I would choose a boat over a plane any day!!!

Imagine that! A festival on an aircraft! Ha ha!