When and where is Burning Man.

When and where is Burning Man.


When is Burning Man?

Burning Man usually begins on the last Monday of August and finished on the first Monday of September.

The duration is usually a week long, with the ritual burning of a large effigy taking place on the Saturday evening.

For 2013, the festival will be taking place on August 26th to September 2nd

Where is Burning Man?

Burning Man takes place on a playa in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, in US.

Unlike most festivals that have set venues or city locations, Burning Man is a temporary city which creates itself,

Apart from the areas set up by the festival organisers, attendees partaking in the art of the festival are instructed which lots they can create their temporary stages, stalls and installations on, whereas camping is also designated to particular section of the site.

Treated as an experimental community, those who attend also take great pride in cleaning up the site after they leave.

How do I get to Burning Man

Around 2-3 hours north of Reno, most who arrive get there by car, RV, truck or any other kind of personal motor use.

Those who are attending from far away usually fly to Reno or San Francisco, and from there they will rent their own vehicles or look for lifts on the rideshare boards of the official website.

Companies such as Advantage Flight Solutions, BioTour and The Green Tortoise Bus Company offer tours from San Francisco to Black Rock.

There is also a local shuttle service serving nearby Gerlach and Empire, leaving every two hours between 10am-4pm on Wednesday-Friday, then between 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

The coordinates for the Burning Man location is 40°45'13.83"N, 119°16'37.20"W