What is Burning Man

What is Burning Man


Experienced as a free and temporary community, Burning Man attendees go to interact and create expression around them.

The free nature and non line-up specific nature of the event, means that each participant is allowed to decide what to do with their "lot", as long is it is within theme, and contributes to the community of the festival, and those those around them.

For many, Burning Man is about being comfortable in who you are and who you could be. For many the event is a chance to express themselves in a way they may not be able to in their day to day life.

The atmosphere is happy, inspirational and built on the ideals of peace, love and enjoyment of the company and expression that humans can give to each other.

What happens at Burning Man

There is no official line-up like at traditional festivals, because at Burning Man many of the citizens contribute towards creating art installations, temporary music stages, resturants, bars, houses, and activities such as yoga, fire dancing, belly dancing, arts and crafts, meditations, the thunderdome, a roller disco, weddings and many other rituals that make up the radical arts nature of the event.

The only thing which is scheduled every year, is the burning of the Burning Man effirgy, which takes place on the final Saturday evening.

What are the rules of Burning Man

Self-Sufficiency - As the temporary community aims to leave no trace after the festival is through, you must bring all your own food, water, shelter and trinkets to share.

No Vending Apart from the Center Camp Cafe and Black Rock Diner, there is no where to spend money at the festival, with trading dependent on what trinkets and gifts a person is willing to give and receive.