Tomorrowland Tickets

Tomorrowland Tickets


Getting tickets for Tomorrowland is a tricky business. To be successful getting tickets you must either buy as early as possible or be prepared to pay a lot of money via a ticket reselling agency such as Viagogo who will be selling a variety of tickets with heavily inflated prices until the day of the festival.

The cost of all tickets for Tomorrowland includes both admin fee and shipping. All tickets are sent with a Treasure Case which includes a festival bracelet and booklet. If you get hold of a bracelet before Tomorrowland you will not have to queue to pick your bracelet up during the festival. Wearing the bracelet makes it easier to enter both Tomorrowland and Dreamville.


Regular passes provide access to the whole of the Tomorrowland festival site. These passes are:

  • Full Madness Pass (Regular access on Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Normal price € 237.50.
  • Magical Friday Pass. Normal price €88.00.
  • Incredible Saturday Pass . Normal price € 88.00
  • Glorious Sunday Pass. Normal prrice € 88.00


These passes provide access to the festival AND the Comfort Zones at the festival.

  • Full Madness Comfort Pass (Regular access on Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Normal price €437.50.
  • Magical Friday Comfort Pass. Normal price €165.
  • Incredible Saturday Comfort Pass. Normal price €165.
  • Glorious Sunday Comfort Pass. Normal price €165.


  • DREAMVILLE 5 DAY PASS + "THE GATHERING" (€52.50) - bring your own camping material

The following choices are bought by through one transaction with everybody splitting the amount

  • EASY TENT 5 DAY PASS + "THE GATHERING" (€ 750.00) FOR 2 PEOPLE - Tent is set up for you. You are allowed to take the tent home with you. Includes 2 Full Madness tickets. One ticket covers access to the camping and festival for 2 people.

  • EASY TENT 5 DAY PASS + "THE GATHERING" (€ 1480,00) FOR 4 PEOPLE- Tent is set up for you. You are allowed to take the tent home with you. Includes 4 Full Madness tickets. One ticket covers access to the camping and festival for 4 people.

  • RELAX ROOM 5 DAY PASS + "THE GATHERING" (€ 1425.00) - 1 ticket per room for 2 people - lockable room with 2 equipped beds, a light, clothing rack, separate sanitary facilities.

  • MANSION 5 DAY PASS + "THE GATHERING" - for 12 people, located in nature a walking distance from the festival, luxury, a living room, sofas, a dining table, fully equipped beds, filled fridge, espresso machine, private lounge terrace and more. Price is upon request, for more information contact [email protected].


  • FULL MADNESS + DREAMVILLE 5 DAY PASS ( € 290,00) - Access to Tomorrowland.



For Global Journey you will be able to use: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners cards. For the Worldwide ticket sale you will be able to use: Bancontact/Mr Cash, iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, ING home pay, PayPal, Visa Delta, Sofortuberweisung, Visa Electron and Maestro.


Age Restrictions You must register via the official Tomorrowland website to be able to purchase tickets. The minimum age to enter the Tomorrowland festival site is 18. Anybody who turns 18 on the year of the festival is permitted entrance. This means that if you were born in 1995 or earlier you will be able to go to Tomorrowland 2013. Anybody born in 1996 or later will not be able to attend, even if accompanied by an adult. Tomorrowland operate a very strict entrance policy.

Ticket Transactions You must buy your festival pass and camping or accommodation pass separately. Ticket reservation is not available and group tickets cannot be reserved either. A maximum of 4 tickets can be bought by one person per transaction which means up to 4 festival passes and up to 4 types of accommodation can be purchased in one transaction.


Belgian residents are not allowed to buy tickets on behalf of a non-Belgian person during the pre-sale for Tomorrowland tickets. Tickets can only be bought with Belgian bank accounts and Belgian address details. The ticket purcahse process is very solid and transactions are checked and verified for fraud. Any fraudulent activity will be blacklisted from the entire worldwide sale process.

Travel Packages

Global Journey is available for 1 or 2 people. You can assemble your own package deal from your country online from the 9th February. For more information email [email protected]

  • The package deals let you choose between various accommodation choices and various festival ticket options.
  • To work out flight, train, hotel packages you can use the simulator site here -
  • One person can purchase a maximum of 4 packages in one transcation.

2013 Baggage Allowances On Flights (We have had a lot of people asking in our Ask Wikifestivals section so we thought we would provide what we could)

  • BRUSSELS AIRLINES: 23KG Check In Baggage / 6KG Carry On

If you have been unable to purchase tickets try Viagogo who will have tickets available until the day of the festival.


2013, November 4 - 12:32am

Can anyone tell me, roughly when tickets go on sale? & can I buy tickets online using my MasterCard, or do I need to purchase them some other way?

2013, December 14 - 2:47pm

Can I buy tickets through paypaI ? I live in India and I want to know if paypal is accepted or not due to difference in currency ?

2014, December 25 - 1:43pm

I love tomorrowland :) first you need to preregistrate on 13 Januar like last year. On 14. of Feb. the big ticket sale begins... I think you can´t pay with paypal. to be sure you can find it here :

2016, April 8 - 2:02pm

If you want to know in detail about Tomorrowland 2016 Dreamville - types, features and price, then go to