How to get to Burning Man

How to get to Burning Man


Burning Man is located at Black Rock Desert in Nevada, US, roughly 2-3 hours north of Reno, the official website has stated that the Google Map coordinates are 40°45'13.83"N, 119°16'37.20"W

Many arrive by motor vehicle be it there own or through a travel company. For those visiting from far away, many will fly to San Francisco or Reno, and then rent a car or shuttle from there.

How to get to Burning Man from the airport?

Apart from the Rideshare forum on the official Burning Man website, travel companies that offer shuttles from local airports includes Advantage Flight Solutions, BioTour and The Green Tortoise Bus Company, who all offer torus from San Francisco to Black Rock.

Directions to Black Rock City

If you are travelling from within the US, here are some personalised travel guides from those who have travelled from the listed locations: