Camping at Burning Man

Camping at Burning Man


Participants of Burning Man should bring all their own camping tools, and all those who have attended in the past recommend bring a type of shade structure, as it can be useful for when the heat becomes unbearable.

Those not registered as a theme camp or in a specific participation lot, can camp in the area at the backside of the city, however you can not camp with your vehicles as this is a non vehicle zone, you will need to park in the parking area and walk to that zone.

Here are some points to bare in mind when camping be it in your allocated participation slot, in the theme camps or in the low density zone:

  • Winds can sometimes be high speed, so make sure everything is secure
  • Clean as you go, great care is taken by all to maintain the green qualities of the camp aiming to leave no trace behind.
  • Try to position tents and shades away from the profile of wind
  • Put weights in the interior corners of your tents