Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man Tickets


Before you purchase any Burning Man tickets, you must pre-register, for 2013 the tickets were/are sold in the available waves and choices:

  • Holiday Sale - higher priced but first to be released.
  • Directed Group Sale - Burning Man targeted specific groups within the community for participation in the Directed Group Sale.
  • Low Income Ticket Program - cheaper tickets for those who feel they cannot afford the full amoint
  • Individual Sale - The general sale
  • Omg Sale - Last minute chance to get tickets.

The open and closing times to register and purchase these tickets differ, with dates and information available here.

It is also worth noting that the festival also run a secure ticket exchange program. To purchase and sell tickets you can do so via your registered Burner Profile.

Tickets purchased outside US & Canada are held at Will Call for international attendees to collect.

For regular announcements it would be worth following @BManTickets on Twitter, as well as signing up to the festival's newsletter Jack Rabbit Speaks.