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Submitted by ThrashUnreal on 2011, August 15 - 4:04pm

Who went?

Go on, make me jealous.

I want to hear it all!

2011, August 16 - 2:55pm

I was really nervous for my mate's band The Defiled, loads of metal magazines seem to enjoy ripping them apart!

Even before they were set to open I saw loads of remarks on Twitter from people slagging them off and hoping for their set to be bottled.

But apparently they proved all the haters wrong and put on a really good show with their fans.

You can read the review here:

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2011, August 19 - 1:58pm

Although I'm sorry to say I would have found the bin jousting far too entertaining!

2011, August 18 - 5:35pm

Spoke to a mate who went, he said it was hilarious on the first day, but not so entertaining when you're trying to sleep!