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Submitted by Kizza on 2012, April 17 - 5:33pm

So, it has been hot on the press this week but did any of you lucky people get to go? I think that the festival season has now officially been kicked off with this amazing festival.

Apparently 2Pac came back to life!

Not sure if you saw this article. And as Jaguar has so kindly shown in another thread on the 'Grapevine' section, you can watch Coachella live! Yay!

What do you think of the 2Pac thing? In good taste? Or was it in bad? I am not sure...I guess if you are a big die-hard (excuse the pun) fan then it could be seen to be bad. But am sure the younguns of today thought it was amazing!

This is also a great article that lists all the surprises of the weekend

I didn't realise that many bands then go on to play clubs and things in LA appears to be a great way for these bands to get their names out there!

It had such a diverse mix of people playing and I think that one of the things Coachella has become famous for is its celebrity following. I saw pictures in the paper of Katy Perry, Fergie and even Vanessa Hudgens. What does annoy me though is that because they are at a festival they all think that they have to act like hippies.

Not sure if any of you girls out there saw the pictures of Vanessa Hudgens outfits. They really were quite stupid! Sorry, but just because you are at a festival doesn't mean that you need to dress like you are taking LSD and act like a loser. Sorry, I sound really bitter don't I ?!

I don't mean to be, but you are there to listen to great acts and not to prance around looking like a reject from 'That 70's show'! Rant over...looking forward to hearing what you all have to say on the matter!

2012, April 19 - 8:08pm

Well, sadly I am stuck in the rainy UK so I didn't go to Coachella (but boy, I wish I did). But I certainly kept up with the coverage (to be honest you can't escape it in the media, where it is a hot bed for celebrities).

You know what - I totally dug the Tupac hologram. I don't understand why people are saying it was in "bad taste" at all. I mean, it wasn't like what Yoko Ono did that time, when she allowed Citroen to use a John Lennon CGI image to advertise a bloody car! I was so angry at that! At least Tupac's hologram was harmless and wasn't used to advertise something beyond his will. And I am sure the family gave their permission!

But yeh, I thought it was visually amazing. Me and my sister couldn't stop repeating the video when it first hit YouTube. Ha ha. I wouldn't call myself a Tupac fan but I just found it incredible how accurate it all looked! Plus I was genuinely moved at the end when he dissolved in light...

Plus now I can't stop singing "Gangster Party" and "Hail Mary" ha ha.

Ooh question - Tupac Shakur or The Notorious B.I.G? Ha ha, sorry to digress, but all this 2Pac talk has made me realise that I always did prefer him over Biggie Smalls.

But yeh although I am not a big hip hop fan, Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre's set sounded amazing. Plus, alongside Tupac, they pulled out real-life big guns like Eminem and 50 Cent! So I am sure the crowd loved it!

A lot of people are saying Pulp was a major higlight! Glad to hear that they go down so well in the States!!!!

Ugh, tell me about Vanessa Hudgens. I hate her. She is such a damn POSER. She tries to dress all 'hippy' like, when she is a blatant, well, chav at heart. Ha ha. Loved that you labelled her a "That 70s Show" reject, HA HA!

Argh, to be honest, most of the celebrities at Coachella annoy me. People like Rihanna and Katy Perry walk around like they own the place and they act like they are huge 'musos' you know? It really frustrates me.

Also did you hear about that photo Rihanna tweeted of herself rolling a joint on a guy's head? She really pisses me off. She is such a bad influence on young girls. She thinks she is so freekin' hot too. Argh I can't STAND HER KIZZA! Ha ha, sorry, RANT!

I wonder what craziness will cometh this weekend! Ha ha!

OH PS - Radiohead's set sounded amazing too! They played a bunch of old-skool hits and didn't just stick to obscure tracks like they did during that surprise performance at Glasto last year.

2012, April 20 - 12:10pm

I think you are was pretty cool and like you said, all in good taste. They would have obviously had clearance from his old is his daughter now? Weird. Hah! I am glad that you pointed out the John Lennon thing, what a money grabbing old hag she is.

I think overall it has helped to revive that old hip-hop scene that has become so lost or needed a boost. What do you think? Wow, yeah Pulp did get some big credit, I wonder if it is because it is all kinda new to the U.S and we take it for granted?

I haven't seen Radioheads set so will have to check that out. I think that they will always impress, no matter what they do.

Do you know who is playing this weekend? I agree, those celebrities love to act as if they know, just because they are rich and famous. What do they know?

Yep - totally agree with you on the Rhianna front, it is like she is on drugs and has gone crazy. There were all these pictures of her on holiday with her mates and she was wearing next to nothing, rubbing sun tan lotion on her nipples and smoking pot. What a great role model. The parents of her young fans should be super happy and proud!

She really does rate herself but I think she dresses like a chav, no wait, a chav would have slightly more modesty than she does! Sorry, I joined you in that rant didn't I?

I think she is a good artist I think that she should just take her job more seriously. It isn't all about having a good time and partying. As a celeb in the public eye you have a duty to your fans. Don't you think?

2012, April 21 - 5:09pm

Oh my gosh, talking of rappers' daughters! I saw Eminem had a daughter the other day, and she is pretty old! I was so shocked! I was like "you don't look much younger than your Dad!" Ha ha! I think she was called Hayley or something.

Have you seen that John Lennon ad? Here is the link: I love how many "dislikes" it has, ha ha!

I can't staaaaaand Yoko Ono. I mean, I know that is a cliche standpoint to take, but seriously, she abuses the John Lennon 'name' so much nowadays. She recently assigned it to Ben and Jerry's ice cream or something?! Argh. Super super annoying...

I have to agree that the Tupac hologram has boosted interest in "old skool" hip hop. I mean, I personally have been listening to a LOT of 90s hip hop this week, and it is all thanks to the Coachalla thing. I mean, I am not a HUGE hip hop fan but it has made me appreciate that scene a lot more. And the 90s did produce some fantastic hip hop LPs! Although I am still not too keen on The Notorious BIG. He objectified women far too much. Whereas Tupac was a somewhat feminist, actually, ha ha!

We probably do take the likes of Pulp for granted. That whole 'Britcentric' vibe they give off - we are used to that. But I guess it is a novelty to American audiences! I was thinking - are Blur big in the States???

I think you will find it is the exacty same line up this weekend Kizza :]. Is this the first time Coachella have held the event over two weekends? I am pretty sure it is! But yeh. I am quite surprised they manged to convince all the artists to return for a second week! I thought their timetables wouldn't allow for that! I wonder what the artists did during the week in between? I mean they can't have strayed too far from California? Considering they had to come back!

I wonder how many celebrities will be there this weekend rolls eyes. Then again maybe they all got it out of their system last weekend!

Ugh, I hate how Rihanna tweets photos of herself half naked all the time. She's so in love with herself. And not only does she always have slutty outfits on, she encourages smoking pot AND she is explicit about the fact she is still close to Chris Brown. I mean what a TERRIBLE message that sends to those who are victims of domestic abuse! I think she should be ashamed to be frank. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. I wouldn't let my kids listen to her (if I had kids, ha ha). I mean, how can she write and perform songs like S&M? And get them on mainstream radio? And perform them at gigs full of like 12 year old girls? It's digusting. I hate her. Katy Perry is a better role model than she is, and I can't stand Katy Perry!

But yeh, I totally agree with you that she has a duty and she is totally abusing it. Douchebag.

2013, April 3 - 6:12pm

I didn't get to go at all but I saw some videos of the tour. The tour, from what I saw on videos, was simply just amazing. The line-up was just true diversity and the Tupac Hologram gave me chills throughout my whole entire body.

When I saw it I was just in a state of shock.

Coachella was just all around awesome!

2013, April 4 - 3:40pm

This year seems to get good as well: Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, and The Stones Roses top this year’s bill, appearing alongside Wu-Tang Clan, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Postal Service, Passion Pit, The xx, Sigur Rós, Vampire Weekend, How to Destroy Angels, New Order, Lou Reed, Modest Mouse, Grinderman, Of Monsters and Men, and Bassnectar

2013, April 4 - 3:57pm

Not to be mean but I found it hilarious the outburst when the lineup revealed and loads of people were like "Who the fuck are The Stone Roses?!"

Funny how the legacy of certain bands differ from country to country!

2013, April 13 - 10:16pm

That's a pretty good line-up. I look forward to see the RHCP, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Lou Reed perform!

2013, April 14 - 7:23am

I thought it was crazy when they did the Tupac thing at Coachella last year! I still haven't really decided if I think it's cool or tacky. Maybe some of both?

BTW - I think Youtube is streaming Coachella right now?!?

2013, April 15 - 3:34am

The hologram thing was a little creepy to me :p From the videos I saw, it looked amazingly real, but I'm not sure how it really was live.

2013, April 15 - 4:04am

I thought the 2pac thing was awesome last year. It looked pretty awesome if you ask me. I think that it will be awesome in the future when the technology gets better.

I would love to be at coachella right now, sad i couldn't make it this year, maybe next.

2013, April 15 - 2:34pm

It definitely looked very realistic, that's for sure! A lot of people were thrilled about it. And it's so crazy that they were able to make him say "What's up Coachella?" It's got folks talking about 2Pac still being alive again haha. ;)

2013, April 16 - 12:51am
  • It's a ghost!
  • Reincarnation is real!
  • He's been alive all along!
  • It's just a hologram, guys sigh

I wonder what surprises they're planning for Coachella this year. An Elvis hologram? :O

2013, April 15 - 5:09pm

The 2Pac hologram really amazed me.. I am a fan of 2Pac's music and it seem so real... I bet the've put a lot of work creating the 2Pac hologram.

2013, April 21 - 2:14am

I was hoping they were going to put weekend 2 on youtube like they did last weekend, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone get a chance to get to either weekends? If so how was it and is your hangover gone yet? : p

2013, April 21 - 5:31am

I bet it will all show up on Youtube pretty soon. We just have to be patient. ;)