Wilderness Line Up 2012 Announcement

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Submitted by Jaguar on 2012, March 1 - 8:15pm

Oxfordshire's Wilderness Festival have announced their 2012 line up!

When I saw Wilco were headlining, I admit, I let out a little squeel of joy! I love that band SO much! Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is one of my favourite albums of all time! Have you guys heard it?

But then I read the rest of the line up and honestly I felt a little "meh" towards it :(...

Rodrigo Y Gabriela are the other main headliners. I have seen them before, and to be honest, I do not get the fuss. But they seem to be high up on festivals' bills year after year. What am I missing?

Spiritualized are there too, who I would like to see! I wouldn't mind catching Field Music, either, but to be honest, the rest of the line up isn't that great...

That said, Wilderness Festival is not all about the music, hence why I think the line up is not overwhemlingly awesome. The organizers seem to devote an equal amount of attention to other arts, like cooking, dance and theatre. So in a way, I think it is wrong to judge this festival for not delivering big name band after big name band, as that is not what it is about. Music is really just one facet of this festival.

Anyway if you wanna see the line up / general deets you can read more here: http://wildernessfestival.com/

Anyone going? I'm not sure. Even though it contradicts with what I just said above, I am simply not convinced by the line up. I'd only really be going for Wilco and that's it :(.

2012, March 2 - 1:15pm

Jaguar...thanks for letting us know about this!

I have to say, I am a big Rodrigo y Gabriela fan...I saw them live about 6 years ago and was completely blown away. Their skills are incredible and the atmosphere that they create is really magical. You have to see them if you haven't already Jaguar.

I love the look of this festival. I know you have been before right? Their website is so cool...very artsy and fun. It kinda (in a weird way) makes me want to go as I am a sucker for great websites and cool branding. Is that wrong? Anything slightly different and I'm like 'yeah this is cool'!

I can see why it is not all about the music and whilst normally I would not be that interested, I can see how this festival is up their in the 'coolness' category. There seems to be so much going on that it would be daft to single it out just because it is not huge in the whole music department.

What other activities did you take part in when you went before Jaguar? Do none of the activities and stuff entice you to want to go as well? You could view it as a kind or retreat? That is how I would view it...in fact there should be more of those kinds of things around I think!

2012, March 8 - 3:44pm

Hey Kizza! Yep, I have seen Rodrigo y Gabriela! I agree they are technically mind-blowing. But I am not too interested in their music as a whole, it that makes sense?

Kizza, nay, I never went last year to Wilderness last year, he he! I have been yapping on about it on here so much as I thought it looked so cool and I had planned to go this year, but where I am little unimpressed by the line up, I am not sure what to do! Eek. I am the same though, I am a sucker for anything remotely 'hippy' ha ha. And this screams 'hippy'! It does have a retreat air to it, doesn't it? I love that you can swim in the lakes or go in the natural hot tubs and stuff! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't know what to doooooooooooooooooooooooo! Are you planning on going do you think?

2012, May 18 - 5:05pm


Oh wow wow wow.

Future Cinema (one of the most AMAZING event organizers, they hold like 'live' movies, look them up) have teamed up with Wilderness Festival to bring a cinema spectacular to the event!

On the first night, they will be transforming the Wilderness site into 1920s New York "as they bring their all singing, all dancing production of Bugsy Malone to the wild."

There are set to be other treats throughout the weekend, including "a surprise guest in the woodland glades."

UHHHHHH IT SOUNDS AMAZING! I love cinema, so I would enjoy this so much.

Wilderness sounds like the funnest festival in the world! For such a new event, it is doing amazing.


Kizza I think you will like this!