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Submitted by John on 2011, December 9 - 12:13pm

So everybody on the forums seems to bring up their dissatisfaction with festival's level of customer service. But what I want to know is has any festival appalled you so badly that you wouldn't go back?

With people feeling let down by the lineups of some of the major festivals this year it is understandable not buying tickets in the first place, but having attended has the lineup cancellations, sound quality or anything else made you pick your festivals more carefully for next year?

One that I know of that put a lot of people off was Slam Dunk South in 2010, due to the fact that it was overcrowded and most people couldn't get to see the bands they wanted to. After the riots of Leeds/Reading I can also understand why people may not want to go back.

I think too many people blindly go to festivals which doesn't send the festival organisers the right message. if people aren't happy with the festival they should not go to the festival again. It may take a while but eventually festival organisers will get the message that their standards need to be upped.

I guess there won't be anyone on these forums to answer this question, but has a festival disappointed you so badly that you have stopped attending festivals? I guess you would have to try a few to be really put off, but I guess one bad festival could be enough to put some people off for life. Maybe not the best question to ask a forum full of festival fanatics, but does anyone know someone who has abandoned festivals in this way?

2011, December 21 - 8:53pm

I read this today and I thought this thread would be the best place to put it!


This may seem a bit harsh, but I think the guy got everything that was coming to him. If you're stupid enough to buy fake tickets then you obviously aren't a regular festival goer, everyone on these forums seems to be able to spot a scam a mile off and to be honest if you do your research then you can avoid it pretty easily.

Secondly he got busted for intending to sell drugs. He was carrying a huge amount, obviously all his mates had tricked him into taking their drugs with him so that they wouldn't get caught (not the kind of friends I'd want to go to a festival with) and there were so many that it was obvious they would be selling them to other people.

Thirdly he was also tricked by his own dealer, he obviously had no idea what he was getting into or anything really about drugs, but no doubt he would have been happy enough selling them on to kids at the festival. I honestly think this guy was so stupid and really got a rough deal from everyone who tricked him into buying tickets, carrying drugs and not even the right drugs, but if you are going to be that stupid then don't try and break the law. Simple.

2011, December 28 - 9:56pm

Hey John, I read that blog post the other day too. I have no sympathy for that man, what! so! ever!!!!! He deserved every penny of that damn fine. I mean, okay, I am not naive or anything, I know people take drugs at festivals - it just how it is and is how it will be for a long long time I expect. And you know what, I would not be so bothered if this dude was just bringing drugs in for himself and his group of friends. However, the fact he went in there with the intention of selling to other people, like you said, potential kids or teenagers or whatever, well I just think it is disgusting. And to make it all a whole lot worse, as the blog post does state, the pills were not even Ecstasy... This can be one dangerous drug, namely if it is pumped with a load of other things like rat poison or something. So you know what, this guy got what was coming to him and to be honest, I laugh right in his face!!!!!!!!!!!