Gravity festival presents Arcadia Bangkok Takeover

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With anticipation hitting fever pitch around Thailand’s most spectacular music festival, the full line up can now be revealed.

Gravity Thailand 2016 will be touching down on the 23rd January 2016 in the heart of Bangkok with a 50 tonne mechanical spider, 50 foot fireballs, groundbreaking stage design, thunderous C02 jets, and 360 degree multi sensory immersion, all set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the city’s imposing skyline.

Lumpini Square, Rama IV Road, Bangkok


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EDM : Lab Monkeys, Neyha Tolani, Sequ3l, Ajit Pai MMAT Jitter, Electroverts, Ma Faiza, Kellie Acreman, Lost Stories, Sowmya, Animesh, Oozeundat, Helium Project, Coalition Music, Ramiro Lopez, Oliver smith , M.A.N , Anil Chawla, Tuhin Mehta.

Bollywood + Commercial : Sanjay Meriya , Nanok, Aditya Wanwari, Dj Suketu, Rock/ Retro, Gary Lawyer, Daren Das, Jonqui. Entertainment Stunt Bike show 3d Projection mapping Trapeze Artists African Gymnasts

Della Adventure Park, India


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The Holi Festival of colours is a spectacular celebration that has its roots in Hinduism, one of the oldest and biggest religions in the world. The festival is born in India, and that's where it is most celebrated, although any country with a significant Hindu population will inevitably have some celebration.

India, Tibet

Arirang Mass Games Festival

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Set in the biggest stadium in the world, Rungnado May Day Stadium (capacity 150,000), in the capital of one of the most isolated countries of the world, the Arirang Festival is simply one of a kind. The massive 100,000 man performance tells the story of North Korea from its mythical foundations to the present day, with the obligatory references to the Dear Leader, through an elaborate synchronized choreography replete with symbolism.

Rungnado May Day Stadium

Electric Peacock Festival

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Electric Peacock Festival is Sri Lanka's first independent international music festival, bringing you the freshest artists from around the world, supporting upcoming bands and the latest in cutting edge tunes!


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5/1 Geethanjali Place, Colombo 3, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Laneway Festival

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Laneway is a well regarded boutique festival held in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Predominately Indie, tickets for the event sell out year after year.


2013 details have been released, on 5th November the festival revealed that for the following five weeks, there will be a lineup announcement.

Australia, New Zealand, singapore


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WOMAD, which stands for World of Music, Arts and Dance, is an international festival brand, with various countries hosting their own WOMAD festival and take on the WOMAD ethos.

The very name of the festival reflects the organisations aims "to be embracing but non-definitive, inspiring and outward looking; and more than anything, enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries in its ability to communicate through music and movement."

Various locations around the world