YayLifeTribe Introduction: "I have a festival addiction."

Hi WikiFestivals. My name is Tucker Gumber and I am madly addicted to music festivals.

I used to be like everyone else: going to as many concerts as I could find but never traveling to see a music festival. Then last February my uncle called me to tell me one of my favorite bands, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, were playing in Vail Colorado in a couple weeks.

My first question was "why?" Why would such an awesome band be playing in a place known for its skiing and not its music? Another week passed and my uncle called again and said it was a music festival called Snowball. I looked it up and saw the lineup- Ed Sharpe, Local Natives, Pretty Lights, Bass Nectar, and could it be.... THE FLAMING LIPS!!

I asked my pseudo girlfriend at the time if we should go and she thought I was crazy. There were tons of reasons why we shouldn't go. The festival was sold out, we didn't have plane tickets, she had work one of the days, ect. The night before the show we just decided to make it happen. We booked plane tickets at midnight and were on the plane at 6am the next morning from Los Angeles to Denver. We got tickets online and called in a favor from a friend she works with. This trip was happening!

We arrived in Vail and got all bundled up for the festival. As we were walking into the festival I remember a feeling of zen flowing through me. As we passed one stage and went to the next one it really hit me what a music festival was all about. This is a place where people who love music like me go to be kids. To run around with their friends and see as many bands as they can. This was home! This was heaven.

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Fast forward a month to a music festival called Coachella held in Indio, California. This was my first big festival. Everything that I loved about Snowball was now done on a grand scale that only Coachella can achieve. After three of the best days of my life I realized that the festival life was the one for me. I also had a an idea that would change my life forever. It was at Coachella that I came up with the idea of starting my company, the Yay Life Tribe.

A week later I had , YayLifeTribe.com up and running and the movement was started. The goal of the tribe is to remind the world that being happy is a decision. I quit my job and cashed in my retirement to really give a go at changing the world. To grow the tribe I needed a way to reach tons of people who were already happy. There was one obvious place to find happy people- music festivals. So I created a the ultimate travel schedule and went for it.

Snowball- Vail, Colorado

Coachella- Palm Springs, California

Lightning-In-A-Bottle-Irvine, California

Bonnaroo- Manchester, Tennessee
Electric-Daisy-Carnival-Las Vegas, Nevada

Lollapalooza- Chicago, Illinois
Outside-Lands- San Francisco, California
Burning-Man- Black Rock City, Nevada

Austin-City-Limits-Festival- Austin, Texas

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So in the last six months I have spent a total of 30 days just at music festivals. Going from one festival to the next in such a short timespan has really given me a perspective of what makes one festival more successful than the other. I've taken notes on problems that seem to pop up at different festivals so I can learn as I go. While blogging for WikiFestivals I plan to help others learn from some of the mistakes I have learned from at different festivals over the summer.

If you have any questions or suggestions on things you would like to see blogged about please fell free to write me. I'm also based in the USA so if you have questions about our festivals you can totally contact me.

Yay festivals!

YayLife Tribe