Y Not Festival Review 2011

Wikifestivals would like to thank Rebecca Dixon for her review of this year’s Y Not festival.

Y NOT Indeed?!

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Set in the scenic peaks, this festival is dubbed ‘small fresh loud’ and it certainly is all these things!

The great value ticket is only £65 for the weekend, including camping, and under 12’s are free! These prices are unheard of, so extremely good value!

With only a 15 min wait to get in we found a great pitch as we arrived bright and early at 10am! Music starting in the afternoon, I decided to go to ‘The Quarry’ and check out Elliot Morris. Wow.

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A very professional young acoustic artist with charisma and passion in his playing, if this is a start up act, the rest must be amazing!

This put me in the mood to mooch around and discover the Beer tent. £3 a pint, all local brew, again with the fantastic festival prices! Then I discovered the ‘Hog and Barrel’.........moonshine 7.5% ouch!

2 arenas were set out, the main arena with the main tent/stage then a family/craft/circus skills arena. With a community feel, this small tent with music belting (boasted as the acoustic tent) had hay bales to gather on and listen to chilled out sets, then laugh at stand up comedians.

Also allowing the audience to have a go, open mic night saw me on the stage! Drunk...with someone else’s guitar....singing in public! Ah well, you only live once!

Just outside this tent were the crazy but fun ‘pirates’! Getting roped (literally) into fun drinking games, tug ‘o’ war and singing was absolutely nutty, rum-tastic fun!

After too much pirate rum, a lay down in my tent (and a lady break in the surprisingly clean portaloo) was in order!..........I made it to Jamie Woon but after the fun and frolics of the day, I felt his laid back R and B sounds were lost as a headliner for a Friday night, so I left....To catch the end of ‘The Rifles’ much more up-tempo! Fantastic,

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The GO! Team were a fast, colourful and put us all right back into the mood of the festival.

Once the main act had finished, it was off back to arena 2 to watch the fire show, a young lad called Simon was excellent, and along with a few others put on a brave, daring and beautiful display.

Now, where to go, not to bed surely? NO! The tents all had DJ’s on so smooch around to the Ladybird tent was where I danced the night away!

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FANCY DRESS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With a surprisingly small hangover, dressed as a Japanese cartoon character, I dreaded the loo trip....but was extremely surprised to find clean toilets with a pleasant odour and TOILET ROLL!

Am I still asleep??

YNOT boast these toilets win awards, but last year was not anything to be proud of....but yes, I was awake! This is a good way to start the day!

Good V Evil was the theme last year......so where Lego men and Bananas come in this theme is anyone’s guess, but funny as hell to see!

Fed and watered I was drawn back to the acoustic tent, where I listened to numerous acts, all of a good quality to my surprise. After a while I needed a stretch so we went across to ‘The Quarry’ to watch Benjamin Francis Leftwitch. Perfect time of day, (still a bit blurry headed) to listen to his chilled out melodic voice! Good call YNOT!

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On a high from the wicked music in all the smaller tents I bounced myself to Beardyman and was once again let down, unfortunately 2 idiots took it upon themselves to pretend to be invincible and climb the scaffolding; this set the younger festival goers off into a silly state and a mosh pit appeared! For a dance tent?!...I soon left to save my 5 ft self from being crushed

Admitting defeat I went to watch Feeder on the hope that they were better than when I saw them at Glasto 11 years ago! And I’m not sure if it was the copious amounts of alcohol, good friends and a booming atmosphere, but I did enjoy the gig....not sure it was anything to do with the band by this point, the Tellytubbies could have been on stage and I would have enjoyed it by this point!

Gig came to a close......But all was not lost, ‘The Allotment’ tent was banging out piercing beats, and this soon filled up with eager festival goers wanting to rave the night on! The lights and the bass beats mutually drew people into this tent and the hours flew by.


Extremely hung-over and wondering how the hell I can cope another day drinking, I decided to glamp it and go for a shower.......to my dismay, 4 showers for 5000 festival goers! ARGH! Worse still one broken! AND no hot water!!! So I took myself back to my tent in disappointment to drink more Lucozade.

Meeting friends and chilling listening to random bands on the main stage in the sun was a great way to sort my head out, and I finally admitted defeat and went for my long awaited shower, freezing cold shower, it was A.MAZ.ING.

It was recommended that I check out a local band at the Allotment and to my delight, a fanatical duo creating a very big noise were just what was needed to get me back into the drinking mood.....back to ‘the hog and barrel’ and the pirates! An amazing gig singing silly senseless songs was extremely amusing!

I was surprised with the amount of shops and food outlets this year. So I decided to take the time to browse and decide what would be Sunday’s dinner! And OMG you can have a Sunday dinner! Or Pie, or Sausage & Mash.....not just the usual Panini, Jackets or Hippy Organic Mush here!

Wandering for music we then hear Beans On Toast ....this was the next memorable act! Outrageous lyrics, gritty voice, hilarious! Need I say more?!

By night time I found myself at the Art Brut gig.....and this is one of the highlights of my weekend! An amazing band, totally underrated! Outstanding energy, personality, and may I say OOMPH!

I was shocked by the way one man could control a whole audience, placing himself in the crowd and persuading a whole tent to sit down to listen to his stories of Amsterdam!

Truly mindboggling for a Saturday night crowd! But the power of this ‘subliminal message’ soon had everyone on their feet jumping to the beats of the band!

Now was the time for Maximo Park As I am small, I need to stay at the back as I can see more, as luckily for me the stage is set at the bottom of a slight hill, so the staggered setting is great as I can ACTUALLY see! Brilliant headliner, full of energy, this band made a great closing act. NO dancing the night away for me tonight, instead I opted for an organic decaf coffee and a Chinese takeout! A slow walk back to the tent with a very tired body from an immense 3 days!


2011, September 13 - 6:49pm

Thanks for a wicked review of our festival! Glad you enjoyed it!
Matt Allen