The winner of our Ultimate Festival Kit competition is revealed

On May 2nd, we releases a competition which awarded our readers the chance to win the Ultimate festival kit.

Sharing their embarrassing tales, we decided that Spiritof1976 was the winner with this hilarious tale:

This story comes from when I was with the Oxfam Stewards at Bestival 2009.

I was on the Sunday night shift and this girl came up to the position where I was stewarding. She'd taken a mix of booze, weed and ecstasy, was separated from her friends, and clearly going into a bad trip. Very anxious and panicky, believed her teeth were falling out, struggling to keep herself together.

So, we sat her down with us, kept her safe and warm and just talked to her calmly for a couple of hours while she slowly reorientated herself to the world. Eventually she was okay again, thanked us for our help and went to her tent to sleep it off.

But here's the funny thing. We'd decided for our final shift to wear our costumes from the fancy dress parade. I was dressed as a Jedi, and the other steward who was talking to her with me was dressed as Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies.

She's probably out there now, telling people, "Yeah, I was having such a bad trip, the whole world was spinning, but fortunately I was talked down from it by Tinky Winky and a Jedi!"

Be sure to stop by soon, we have another competition fast approaching!