V Festival: The Latest Buzz

Quintessentially commercial but adored by many for it, this weekend's V Festival is set to be treat, with further replacements and confirmations adding to the anticipation.

While it's a shame Frank Ocean had to pull out due to schedule conflicts, the celebrated Godfather Of Grime Wiley will be bringing JME and Skepta along with him, promising to bring the fire of his single "Heatwave" to the event.

Another confirmation comes in form of The Charlatans who have been invited to the fesival as special guest, and despite earlier reports, electropoppers LMFAO have NOT cancelled their appearance, but will be a member down due to illness, (should be interesting to see how that performance pans out)

Illness seems to be affecting another act, as the colourful Nicki Minaj is defying the doctors orders to appear at V Festival. Despit fears of a bruised vocal cord and orders to rest, the Minaj is still apprently admanet she will get to perform for her "barbies". (Let's hope we don't get a repeat of her lateness at T In The Park)

Illness and Scheduling conflicts aside, a unique and embarrassing reason to cancel comes from N-Dubz rapper Dappy, who has had to cancel his performance due to be charged for an "affray at a petrol station in Surrey". The incident happened earlier this year in March and the naughty boy is due to appear in Guildford Crown Court on 24th august.

Weather wise Hylands Park is set to be a stunning weekend with only a little patchy rain to worry about on the Friday, whereas Weston Park is a bit of a mixed bag but one that will be enjoyable nonetheless.

Various weekend and day tickets are still available for Hylands Park, and can be purchased from See Tickets, Ticketmaster and cost the following prices:

  • Weekend Tickets with Camping - £180.00 plus a maximum booking fee of £10.50
  • Weekend Tickets with no Camping £155.00 plus a maximum of £9.70 booking fee
  • Day Tickets £86.00 plus a maximum of £8.20 booking fee
  • Campervans - £99.00 plus a maximum of £5.95 booking fee

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