Tomorrowland: Festival to Expand to Two Weekends to Meet Skyrocketing Demand

Legendary EDM festival Tomorrowland has announced that it will join the ranks of Coachella and Ultra Music Festival, and take place over the course of two weekends (July 18 - 20 and July 25 - 27). This means that the capacity of the festival will be effectively doubled.

The planned expansion coincides with the 10th anniversary of the festival, and it is meant to be a one-of occasion, however if successful it is likely to be continued. Tomorrowland is riding high from its previous successes, with the festival selling out in a matter of minutes. Buying tickets for Tomorrowland is something of a crap shot, and organisers hope that by expanding the festival more would-be festival-goers will get a chance to attend.

Tomorrowland Encore

Organisers have stated that their intention is not to have one festival that goes on for twice as long, but to have the same festival, with nearly the same line up, take place twice, allowing people to choose on what weekend to go. This means that attendees who for some reason cannot go on one weekend, can instead attend the other one.

The festival expansion that will bring an even bigger horde of neon-clad 20-something year-olds to the quiet Belgian town of Boom represent something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand it is an excellent opportunity to expand business and provide a much appreciated boost to the local economy. On the other hand the attending drunkenness and disorder might prove a challenge for townspeople and law enforcement.

Scoring Tickets

Tickets for Tomorrowland are notoriously elusive, and despite the planned expansion will remain that way. Last year an estimated two million people sought to attend the festival, with only 180,000 tickets available. Even doubling the capacity, it seems likely that this year many people will go empty handed once again.

Tickets will go on sale in mid-February. The best way to get a ticket is to stay on top of any Tomorrowland news, checking our wiki page here and following us on Facebook and Twitter.