Spain's Tomato-throwing festival to charge?

Usually a free for all to attend event, Tourists may have to pay to take part in Spain's famous La Tomatina festival from next year onwards.

Attracting around 50,000 tomato throwers in a town with a population of 10,000, the idea to charge comes after town officials have decided to limit attendance and improve safety,

Alarm can be put at rest, as if the suggestion goes through, tourists will only be charged an entry free of around €5.

Town councillor Rafeal Perez stated "This idea came up for security reasons. It's a miracle we haven't had any serious accidents...If it was just about money we would charge more."

This is amicable as despite La Tomatina's large international appeal, private tour companies often make large profits including the festival in their travel package, not donating any fees to the local town.

Taking place on the Last Wednesday of every August, La Tomatina was thought to have originated around the 40's or 50's, after locals excluded from nearby summer celebrations started pelting each other with tomatoes in protest.

The final decision will be announced in November, however if you would like to know more about this festival, including the correct rules of how to take part, check out the La Tomatina Wiki Profile.