#LSJ: Counting the Days 'til the BEST MUSIC JAM EVER!


London Summer Jam

Happy Hellos from London Summer Jam!!

Less than 100 days to go until the debut of our first of its kind festival event.

Since our launch just less than one year ago, LSJ is well on its way to premiering the Largest Mass Jam Music festival the U.K. has ever seen. Every day, new and exciting developments help us build the momentum, heading toward the big day – September 29th, 2012. Our beautiful venue, Brockwell Park, Brixton (London) is set, fans and musicians eagerly await… All of us organizing LSJ are ecstatic to report the phenomenal festival we’ve all envisioned is taking superior shape. Day by day, we’re making it happen, and the JAM is on!

Less than 13 weeks to go, so get ready! Get ready!!

Massive thanks to LSJ fans and supporters who’ve been cheering us on along the way. Every day we’re more inspired to present our loyal, growing audience with the music event of a lifetime. The numbers of music-loving friends and followers helping us have been amazing. In person, by email and social networking, people are expressing heaps of love for LSJ. Catch us @londonsummerjam and @wordswithsteph and see… We’ve attracted over 9000 Twitter followers. LSJ's Facebook has inspired over 1000 Likes. Those are whopping displays of sweet support, and we thank each of you. You are at the heart and soul, the rhythm and flow, of all we do. LSJ is booming and moving forward, at a thrilling pace, because of you!

We’re inviting all to come join us on our journey to making U.K. music history. LSJ promises to be the Grand Finale to Britain’s summer of all summers, as we put on the jam of all JAMS!

Let’s keep connecting, getting to know each other, sharing our musical stories, and making this happen. London Summer Jam is the time and the place to create something spectacular, together. United we jam!

Just over three months to go, and plans are in place.

Coming soon! Brace yourselves for major announcements of music artists added to LSJ’s lineup. There will be some brilliant surprises. We’ve invited and booked top-notch performers from around the world to entertain on our Main Stage. We’re excited to share the news, so please stay tuned. Members of our Main Stage lineup, renowned for their versatility, will perform sets and lead jams. In the unique LSJ spotlight, they’ll share the very best of both musical experiences. These artists, some of whom are celebrated stars, will also meet and mingle with fans, offering lots of opportunities for chats, photos, and autographs.

Action centered on LSJ’s Mass Jam Main Stage will be just the beginning.

Even MORE musicians are coming your way to jam out rock, blues, pop, folk, indie, jazz, and more, filling the Electric Jam City and Acoustic Village with fantastic energy and fun. LSJ will be a festival with vibes like no other. Get ready to get your groove and JAM on as never before. Pure passion for music will fill all of us and #LSJlove will inspire the most memorable group hugs ever.

Less than 100 days to go. That’s less than 13 weeks. A tad more than three months. Who’s counting? I think we all are!

Britain’s biggest, brightest, BEST JAM is on its way!

Be there! September 29th, 2012 – Brockwell Park, Brixton (London), United Kingdom

@wordswithsteph @londonsummerjam

[NOTE: A limited number of LSJ's Mass Jam Main Stage performance slots remain open. These slots will continue to be filled throughout the summer, as well as the day of the festival. Details will soon be available on the London Summer Jam website.]