"A flat out four day party right out in nature with the best people" We spoke to Glade Festival's Anselm Guise

Described as the "Glastonbury for dance music fans", this year's Glade has really raised the stakes with the line-up featuring Sven Vath, Andy C, Rusko, Foreign Beggars and more.

We caught up with festival Director Anslem Guise and spoke about what makes the festival so unique and loved.

If you could sell Glade to us in one sentence what would it be?

A flat out four day party right out in nature with the best people, music and production you'll find...

What do you think it is about the vibe of Glade that makes people want to dress up so vibrantly and colourfully?

It's a place for letting go... Total freedom to express your self... So that's what people do there!

Of all the various themed stages that are to be found at Glade, in your personal opinion which stage is a MUST for any Glade newbies to check out?

Well... That's a hard one. All the stages need to be checked out. I can't pick out one...

Your festival has quite a particular age restriction, not to criticise but what is the reasoning behind not allowing 13-17 year olds yet allowing under 12's with adults to attend

It's a pretty out there event and as such we want to be sure that people are old enough to act responsibly. We just feel it's better this way. Under 13s are clearly very young but a 15 year old could come to trouble eithout some sort of guardian. We just don't want anyone to be worrying on site. Under 13s must have a parent or guardian...

Glade is known for it's strong community, have you heard of any amazing stories within the community, such as married lovers having met at the festival or various groups returning to the same area of the campsite year on year?

Yeah there's been babies made there, marriages, a couple of divorces too! It is all about the community and people do come back every year. It's one of the most important aspects of the party.

In the UK we live in quite a saturated market, where festivals and live music events have more then just competition from each other to deal with, what have you found to be the toughest challenge when organising Glade?

Finding a home!!! Certainly until this time last year..... Finding a home where we can do what we do without being told to turn it down or move on!

Apart from the Car Green Tax, what other green initiatives is Glade encouraging or hoping to put in for future events? And do you feel Festivals could do more to raise Eco-awareness?

Yeah sure festivals should be more eco and many, including the Glade, strive to make this so... The Green tax is an easy one to instigate. We're moving towards using compost loos more and more and obviously try and reduce the energy we use by being clever with the production. The biggest problem is people leaving litter.. tents and everything... So we try to discourage that as much as we can...

**Of all the fantastic acts that have appeare over the years, who has been your personal highlight?*

Richie Hawtin closing Glade Stage back in 2005 I think it was.... it was the last day fresh mushrooms were legal and he took a bundle... The man is a master and that gig was out there.

Apart from Glade obviously, whatever festivals be it in the UK or abroad would you personally recommend?

Festival in Portugal for the blast and here in the UK Wilderness and Sunrise which suit my family requirements a bit more.....

And lastly where do you see Glade in 5 years time? Could there be a sister event on the cards? Expansion of dates? More stages? What are your personal hopes and dreams for the festival?

This year has a lot of very interesting new people on board and I see the festival becoming more unique in it's style, more crazy elements coming in from the Secret Garden Party... It will remain free of branding and sponsorship. I am increasingly horrified by festivals and the dancefloor experience being lost in marketing branding and all that. It's all got so cool hasn't it? It's a very simple thing. You dance to awesome music out in nature away from it all. You do it with good people. That has spirit and Glade always is about that and that alone.