Festicket - a safe, user-friendly and hassle-free way to book your festival ticket and travel.

UPDATE 24/05: The site has now launched.

Whether it's planning to attend a festival abroad, or venture to one out of your comfort zone, there is always the painful festival experience of planning them, booking them, finding the time to do the research and the money to pay for it all in the end.

Launching soon, Festicket aims be a one-stop shop for booking your dream and all-inclusive trip to every single festival in the world. We caught up with the organiser Zack Sabhan to learn more about what this innovative website can offer, be sure to check out the teaser video at the bottom of this interview!

What inspired you to start this website?

Everything started in April 2011, when Jonathan and Jerome and myself, long-time friends and Festicket co-founders, wanted to organize our festivals summer plans.

We asked ourselves very simple but essential questions such as: “Which festival should we go for?” “Should we camp, or stay in a hotel? Is this hostel convenient? Does it provide the best value for money? Should we go for the VIP ticket or the General Admission one? Which is the closest airport? Should we book local transportation?” We quickly realized that the planning and booking process was painful, time consuming and very expensive! Especially when you are a group of friends!

We attend to countless festivals around the world, and since we never found a real turnkey solution to this problem, we have decided to create Festicket.com. Our mission is to gather the growing festival & live-music loving community around a central booking platform that will make them more aware and connected to each other!

Why do you think it has taken so long for this type of great site to be created?

First, it’s important to notice that with all the challenges faced by the music industry in the last few years, LIVE performances are becoming a “safe haven”. Concerts, tours and festivals are always gathering gigantic and growing crowds of music fans! Secondly, I think that music festivals are more and more considered as “holiday hubs”.

Nowadays people view festivals in a different way than just “gigs”. I mean, of course, they are still music fan attendees who avidly lap up as many acts as they can, but now there are also many people who go for the experience, meaning festivals fall into both the “music event” and “holiday” parts of their budgets! In this context, it became inevitable that an online travel site specialised in music festivals would eventually pop up! This is now wrapped-up with Festicket.com.

Could people pay via payment plans, or if not are there plans to do this in the future?

As of now, we don’t offer any payment plan possibility but it’s definitely in our pipeline! We might, for example, easily integrate into our platform the API of a service like Leetchi.com, the European leader of social payments, who has recently launched its BtoB business called Leetchi Wallet Services.

Are there many European festivals at the moment? And if so are there plans to branch out worldwide?

We made the strategic choice to focus our initial commercial development to Europe. We are not exclusively limited to Europe but I think the European festival scene is incredibly varied, with a mixture of mature markets - in countries such as the UK, France, or Germany - and growing/nascent markets - in Eastern Europe such as Croatia or Romania! On top of that, Europe has lots of small but very cool festivals with either amazing close location ideal for a weekend trip or more exotic location that should be part of a longer trip… For those ones, traveling is (or should become) a natural part of the experience.

We definitely have worldwide plans and are currently working on a few deals in North and South America!

What's the one common mistake people do when planning festivals abroad?

I think that going to music festival abroad - I mean out of your own country - should be planned exactly like a proper holiday. People easily fall into the abyss of a festival and after-parties, whereas they should take time - either before or after the festival - to go exploring the country and immerse into the culture! Some of the landscapes are literally breath-taking!

One of our approaches is to work with emerging countries that are keen to develop international tourism, “tourism through music”. For example, we are working with an amazing Festival in Morocco called Gnaoua World Music Festival. I guarantee that you won’t regret visiting the country and getting to know the culture! After all, music festival-lovers are mostly made of young and curious people, always willing to travel and discover the world!

Are there affiliate schemes website or promoters could sign up to?

Not yet, but soon we will be working on that.

Where do you hope to see Festicket in 5 years’ time?

The goal is of course to gather a community of millions of “Festickers”! We want to become the world champion of Festival-packages bookings, and propose our one-click solution for every single festival around the globe. But we won’t stop there. We also want to be THE reference for festival advices and reviews made by our trusted community! Last but not least, we also want to develop the unavoidable tablet and mobile application to connect all the festival community around the world.

In 5 years and using technology, Festicket will have created a universe dedicated to the festival community on which we will build endlessly. These are incredibly exciting times ahead!

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