SXSW South by Southwest Interactive 2012 Lineup

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With over 600 accepted presentations, discussions, book readings and workshops, we have listed ten examples for each campus, this way instead of reading all 600 of the proposals, you can judge by the examples which venue or campus would be more suited to your taste.

Austin Convention Center

(Keynote Presentations, Featured Sessions, Better Tomorrow, Book Readings, Convergence, Design and Development)

  • Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer.
  • Baratunde Thurston, digital director for The Onion and co founder of black political blog Jack & Jill Politics.
  • Is Technology Making Our Lives Richer or Poorer, talk from Jaron Lanier.
  • The Future of Music Consumption in a Streaming, Digital World, Ken Park from Spotify.
  • 21st Century Giving: Social Philanthropy's Rise, Cheryl Contee from Fission Strategy.
  • Curing a Rage Headache: Internet Drama & Activism, Irin Carmon from Jezebel.
  • Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen
  • Creating The Code: A BBC Transmedia Documentary
  • A Brief History of the Complete Redesign of Google, Jon Wiley from Google Inc
  • Everything is a Remix, So Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon


(Branding and Marketing) * Boring to Baller: Social for Low Interest Brands, Ben Breier from Grey New York * Brands with Benefits: Hooking Up with Good Deals (Leanne Drown, Racepoint Group) * Creepy? Captivating? Ads in the Personal Data Era (Jason Cavnar, Singly) * Designing for Awareness in the Attention Economy (Brian Sullivan, Sabre) * Hacking YouTube: Science & Secrets of Viral Videos (Prerna Gupta, Khush Inc) * How to Harvest Consumer Intent from the Social Web (Jeff Janer, Springpad) * Leif to Bieber: the Web Has Changed Nothing (Sara Meaney, Hanson Dodge Creative) * Rebuilding LEGO (David Robertson, The Wharton School) * The Facebook Customer Service Challenge for Brands (Bryan Person, LiveWorld) * Viral is a Dirty Word: Strategic Video Success (Rob Davis, Ogilvy)

Hilton Austin - Downtown

(Emerging) * Alternative Channels of Digital Distribution (Samantha Garrison, Hip Digital Media) * Is Our Photo-Madness Creating Mediocrity or Magic? (Kristen Joy Watts, R/GA) * Pocket Film Studio: The iOS Revolution (Corey Rogers, DessCor Digital Ventures LLC) * Recognize This! Ethics of Mobile Face Tagging (Sam Gregory, Witness) * The Frontline Report of Japanese Interactive Arts (Noriyoshi Sekiguchi, Dentsu Inc) * Your iPhone is Political: Mobile Democracy (Josh Levy, Free Press) * Auto Meets Mobile: Building In-Vehicle Apps (Zach Brand, NPR) * Can Washington Make Your App Illegal? (Jonathan Godfrey, Association for Competitive Technology) * Get Smart! Hack Your Brain for Peak Performance (Megan Miller, Bonnier R&D) * Personal Lifestreams Provide Data for Public Good (Steve Brown, Inc) *Riding the Mobile Tide: How to Scale Rich Media (Krishna Subramanian, Mobclix)

Courtyard Marriott

(Future of Work) * Adding Value As a Non-Technical No Talent Assclown (Matt Van Horn, Path) - CC * Don't Hire Creative People, You Already Have Them (Kate Canales, frog design) * Naked Business - Honesty Works (Jason Cohen, WP Engine) - CC * The Making of the Modern Office (Shea Steinberg, Practice Fusion) * Your Brain on Multitasking (Rachel Emma Silverman, Wall Street Journal) * Your Social Media Job is Dead. Now What? (Angeline Vuong, HUGE) * Zuckerberg is Overrated: Two Ways to Manage Talent (Susan Jackson, Harvard Business Review) * Rockstars or Roadies: Who's the Better Employee? (Corey Reid, FreshBooks) * Online Personality Disorder: Resumes & Profiles (Carla Borsoi, AOL) * Tech Cooperatives: A Better Way to Make a Living (Thomas Beckett, Ownership Appalachia, LLC)

AT&T Conference Hotel

(Govenrment and Global Issues, Health and Education) * A License to RHoK (Nicholas Skytland, NASA)
* A Need for Speed: Can Data Catch Up to the Trains? (Laura Oppenheimer,
* Africa, Tech & Women: The New Faces of Development (TMS Ruge, Project Diaspora)
* Border Disputes: Copyright in a Globalized World (Nate Anderson, Ars Technica)
* Can Bloggers Put Hope Back into the 2012 Election? (Sarah Stern,
* A Dr, Patient & Insurer Walk into a Social Network (Marley Lynch, Weber Shandwick)
* How STDs Can be Good for Your Health (Emily Hackel, Edelman)
How to Build a Massive Peer Learning Community Online (Philipp Schmidt, Peer 2 Peer University)
* Supersizing the Classroom: 3000 Students & Beyond (John Boyer, Virginia Tech)
* WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health? (Jason Schultz, N/A) Wireless Wellness: App-tastic or Just Fun & Games? (James Wells, Weber Shandwick)
* Online Therapy... Naked? (Dr. John Grohol, Psych

Sheraton Austin

(Journalism and Online Content) * 140 Characters Vs. 14000 Words: The New Long Form (Jocelyn Nubel, Slate)
* 3-2-1 Publish: Prepping the News Room for D-Day (Rachel Petersen, Nectar Communications)
* A Penny Press for the Digital Age (Fiona Morgan, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Duke University)
* All Eyes on You: Visual Effects & Viewer Engagement (Katherine Hays, GenArts, Inc) - CC
* Artists in Labs: Participatory Design at Eyebeam (Roddy Schrock, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center)
* Audience-Centric Media: Wants and Needs in News (Gabriel Sama, Res of the World Media)
* Bad Raps Revised: News Entrepreneurs Sweat Tough Stuff (Jan Schaffer, Executive Director,J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism)
* Brand Journalism in the Real-World (Laura Vogel, Eloqua)
* Bridging the Digital and the Divine (Ash Greyson, Beliefnet)
* Content and Coding is Not a Commodity: How (Jennifer Lee, Hacks/Hackers)
* Copy Matters: Content Strategy for the Interface (Amy Thibodeau, Facebook)
Creating an Internet of Entities (Tyler Bell, Factual Inc)

Hilton Garden Inn

(Latin America) * Brazilian Youth: Dreams, Activism, Hyperconnection (Carla Albertuni, Box1824)
* Entrepreneurs: International Teaming Opportunities (Kevin Koym, Tech Ranch Austin)
* Social Media in Colombia: an Agent for Change (Andres Traslavina, Talent Plus inc,) - CC
* The Hispanic Persona Project (José Villa, Sensis) * The State of PR 2.0 Industry in Mexico (Oscar Rojas, Ogilvy PR Mexico)
* The White House on the Road (Giovanni Rodriguez, Deloitte Consulting LLP) - CC

Campus TBA for Lifestyle and Sports

  • 2012: You Bet Your Asteroid the World Won't End (Stephanie Smith, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • A/S/L: the Evolution and Future of Online Dating (Shon Mogharabi, RAPP NY)
  • Better Food Through Open Data Standards (Anthony Nicalo, Foodtree)
  • Catch Me If You Can; Frank Abagnale 10 Years Later (Mike Bush, PrivacyGuard)
  • CrankyTalk Workshop for New Speakers (Russ Unger, CrankyTalk)
  • Cultures of Basketball: Sports in Higher Education (Yago Colás, University of Michigan)
  • Enhanced Interrogation: The Modern-day Interview (Jayna Wallace, EchoStar)
  • Enriching TV Experience with Companion Apps (Erica Yakobzon, National Hockey League)
  • Fantasy Sports - Where Does It Go from Here? (Clay Walker, Big Lead Sports)
  • Fashion and the New Taste Graph (Dave Surgan, Morpheus Media)
  • Food Trucks Share Social Media Tips (alysa weir, Text 100)
  • Get Excited and Make Things with Science (Ariel Waldman,
  • How a College Football Podcast Scored Big Numbers (Nick Fotis, Solid Verbal)

Palmer Events Center

(Screenburn and Gaming) * Bridge the Gap Between Casual vs Hardcore Games (Yasemin Sussman, Voce Communications)
* Cloudy with a Chance of Gaming (Melissa Smolensky, Rackspace Hosting)
* eSports: Enabling Gaming as a Profession (Kris Sharbaugh, IGN Entertainment)
* Focus Testing to Improve the User Experience (Matthew Armstrong, Gearbox Software)
* I Developed a Mobile Game, Now What? (Michaek Ritter, MindJolt)
* Make a Kinection: The Future of Interactive Design (Amish Patel, Microsoft (XBOX Design)
* Surviving the Night: An International ARG Tell All (Brandon Schmittling, Cluster Media)
* The Power of Contemplative Play (Ben Cerveny, Bloom)
This Spartan Life @ SXSW: Frag Me Gently (Josephine Dorado, The New School/This Spartan Life)
* Unpacking the Myth of the Intuitive (Matthew Boch, Harmonix Music Systems)
* Video Games: The Supreme Court and What’s Next (Ashley Christoff, E3/Entertainment Software Association)
* What Left 4 Dead Can Teach Us About Kids Games (Anne Richards, No Crusts Interactive)
* Why is Anyone Dumb Enough to Try to Make an MMO? (Stewart Butterfield, Tiny Speck / Glitch)

Omni Downtown

(Social Networks) * A Game of Conversation Dominoes (Mary Crosse, Lucky Branded Entertainment)
* Are We Killing Social with Social? (Tarah Feinberg, iCrossing)
* Bridging the Lawyer-Social Media Manager Divide (June Casalmir, Sprint Nextel)
* "But is it Art?": The Aesthetics of Social Culture (Tim Sheridan, Razorfish) - CC
* Can You Tweet That? Social Media and the Law (Dara Quackenbush, Texas State University)
* Confessions of a Community Moderator (Katie Bogda, Critical Mass)
* Culture Networks, And the Codes That Drive Them (Marie Tupot, scenarioDNA inc.)
* Debate: Should Social Sites Allow Anonymous Users? (Cindy Cohn, Electronic Frontier Foundation)
* Evolution of Game Design: Farm, City to the Empire (Ashley Lipton, Zynga)
* Facebook Credits: Not Just for Virtual Goods (Susan Su, Inside Network)

Hilton Austin Downtown

(Startup Villiage) * 3 Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch (Joshua Baer, Capital Factory)
* Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Backwards in Heels (Michelle Zatlyn, CloudFlare)
* Apply the Lessons of Open Source to Any Business (Ruth Suehle, Red Hat)
* Are Free Customers Better Than Captive Ones? (Doc Searls, ProjectVRM)
* Becoming a CEO: Lessons From Four Techette Leaders (Anna Farnum, LaunchSquad)
* Beg, Borrow, Bribe. Startups in Emerging Markets (G. Kofi Annan, Afrimonitor)
* Classroom 2020: VCs and the Education Revolution (Marshall Roslyn, LearnCapital)
* Community First: Lessons for Early-Stage Startups (Diana Kimball, Photojojo)
* Dancing w/Giants: How Start-Ups Do Deals w/Titans (Pamela O'Hara, BatchBlue Software)
* Design and the Mobile Startup (Ron Goldin, AKKO)

Radisson Town Lake

(Workshops) * Accessible HTML 5 Canvas? Really? How? (Cynthia Shelly, Microsoft)
* Building Great Games in HTML5 (Erik Möller, Opera Software)
* Faster Design Decisions with Style Tiles (Samantha Warren, Phase2 Technology)
* Innovate or Die: Applying the Concept Car Modeling to Product Development (Armando Gonzalez, Meebo)
* jQuery Templates: Client-Side Data Binding (Fritz Onion, Pluralsight)
* Killer App Design with Javascript and HTML 5 (Jonathon Morgan, Good at the Internet)
* Leaving Flatland: Getting Started with WebGL (Luz Caballero, Opera Software)
* Mad CSS3 Skillz (Estelle Weyl, UpTake Networks Inc)
* Mind Reading: Identifying Needs Users Don't Know They Have (Jacquelyn Krones, Microsoft (Bing))
* NEH Funds Interactive Media! NEH Funds Games! (Michael Shirley, National Endowment for the Humanities)
* Netflix and Twitter - What's Under the Hood (Michelle Van Jura, DataStax)
* Shit Code: When Good Code is Betrayed (Scott Lenger, Beaconfire Consulting)
* Simplify CSS Development with Sass & Compass (Alex Lemanski, Bitfyre)