Rock al Parque 2011 Lineup

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Quantum, English Lavender, Anger Rise, Road Wailer, Sigma, Larvante, Speakers, Prime Ministers


Blood Of Holocaust, Entropia, Sobibor, Ethereal, Ursus, Kilcrops, Darkness, Neurosis, Endark, Destruction, Athanator, Overkill, Nosferatu, Hybrid Minds, Pitch Blood, Purulent, Ingrandes, Leishmaniasis, Enderthreat, Glory stained, Twilight Glimmer, Brand New Blood, Give Everyone That Is Yours, D.RI, Extinction Rate High, Blood Red Skies Under, Determination, Zagreb, Pr1mal, Dischord, Cry, Against Attack.


The Passenger, Alligator, O'Clock Red, Antipodes, Espriella, Phobia, Skampa, The Big One Is 15, Dead Kennedys, The Pestilence, Marahuntha Dafne, MI Bruce A, High, Combo Killer Dub, Pulenta, Prophetic Culture, Souljah's Voodoo, Black Uhuru, Both Morgan, Stayway, Vulgarxito, Info, Maniatikatz, Descrates To Kant, Triple X, Polycarp And Vices


At Home Deeptrip, Nepentes, BJK JKS, Krapula Doctor, Bomb Stereo, Fischerspooner, Buraka Som Sistema, Choc Quib Town, Cortes Jose Fernando, Oza Veil, Astro, Bhang, Right, Toreros, Mil Marias, Cold Cave