Hammerfest Past Lineup

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Hammerfest I Lineup (2009)


Annotations Of An Autopsy, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Architects, HammerFall, Malefice, Kiuas, Power Quest, Lethargy, Warpath, Evile, Mutant, The Rotted, Blood Island Raiders, The Defiled, Tesseract, Firebrand Superrock, Thirteenth Sign, Imicus


Mayra Roxx, Wolf, Saxon, Sepultura, Skindred, Voodoo Six, Exit 10, Cathedral, Dream Evil, Sylosis, Gama Bomb, Mencea, Waylander, Alestorm, Týr, Hexagram, Hallow Earth Theory, Grand Magus, Sacred Mother Tongue, Attica Rage, Open The Skies, Nex, Trigger The Bloodshed, Bleed From Within, Sworn Amongst, The Morning After, Mia Hope, Many Things Untold, Everything Burns, The Dead Lay Waiting, With Chaos In Her Wake

Hammerfest II Lineup (2010)

Thursday (Pre-party)

Gentlemans Pistols, SSS, Arthemis, Beholder, Marshall Law, Fury of the Waters, Crimes of Passion, Glass Artery


Napalm Death, 5 Finger Death Punch, DevilDriver, Katatonia, Epica, Tony Martin's Headless Cross, Swallow the Sun, Warpath, Abgott, Conquest of Steel, October File, Malefice, Savage Messiah, Xerath, Revoker, Cars on Fire, No Made Sense, Sondura, Man Must Die, Echovirus


Sabaton, Suicidal Tendencies, Iced Earth, Skindred, Orange Goblin, Attica Rage, Vreid, Carach Angren, Dark Funeral, Akercocke, Zonaria, Nefarium, GU Medicine, Panic Cell, White Wizzard, Shining, Fury UK, Rise to Remain, Huron, Godsized, Hellfighter, The More I See, Isolysis, Belligerence

Hammerfest III Lineup (2011)


Metalica UK, Attica Undercover, Elixir, Battleaxe, Jaguar, Mordecai, Krusher, Graveyard, Triaxis, Dirty Rose Krusher


Ill Niño, Accept, Turisas, Wolf, Sylosis, Holy Grail, Blitzkrieg, My Ruin, Headcharger, Bleed From Within, Turbowolf, Godsized, Revoker, Breed 77, Feed the Rhino, The Treatment, Never Means Maybe, Idiom, Spirtyus, Subservience, Arceye, Ravenface, The Mercy House, Guardians of Andromeda


Viking Skull, Sabaton, Satyricon, Entombed, Grand Magus, Attica Rage, Evile, Onslaught, Gama Bomb, Diamanthian, Abadden, Mutant, Fury On, Chthonic, Deadly Circus Fire, Svart Crown, Power Quest, Beholder, Sa-Da-Ko, Oaf, Ten Cent Toy, Cry Havoc, Severenth, Out Gunned