Bloodstock Past Lineups

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Bloodstock 2011 Lineup

Achren, Xerath, Revoker, WASP, Devin Townsend, October File, Kreator, Lawnmower Deth, Byfrost, Coroner, Arthemis, Unknown Fear, Triptykon, Poisonblack, GRAND ULTRA, Forbidden, Wolf, Romeo Must Die, The Defiled, Cerebral Bore, Imicus, Shreddertron, INNER FIRE, EnTro-P, PRIMITAI, RANNOCH, Saturnian, The Furious Horde, DECIMATION, CRYOSTORM, Training Icarus, Brezno, Angel Witch, BLUDVERA, The Rotted, Hammer Of The Gods, Immortal, Deadly Circus Fire, Rhapsody Of Fire, Therion, Wintersun, Ihsahn, Finntroll, Def Con One , Blake, Tarot, Dripback, Grave Digger, ZOMBIE MILITIA, Skeletonwitch, SOULSPHERE, PURE NEGATIVE, FOUL BODY AUTOPSY, IMPALED EXISTENCE, HOSTILE RISING, BURY THE CONSCIOUS, FURYBORN, HAERKEN, INTENSIVE SQUARE, Motorhead, Criminal, CANDID INIQUITY, Amaranthe, Primeval, Power Quest, Survivors Zero, Twilight`s Embrace, Sanguine, Nemhain, Hellish Outcast, NORTHERN OAK, TALANAS, Morbid Angel, ACHILLA, At The Gates, SPIRES, LIFER, VISITOR, Exodus, WOLFCRUSHER, Hammerfall, SACRED ILLUSION, AKARUSA YAMI, Napalm Death, PRIMORDIAL, 1349, Hell

Bloodstock 2010 Lineup

Rage, Steelwing, Splintered Soul, Enforcer, Lordaeron, Ross The Boss, Tempestora, Behemoth, Mithras, Under Blackened Skies, Dream Evil, Powerwolf, Morgue Orgy, Hospital Of Death, Sonata Artica, Betraeus, Sylosis, Gorgoroth, Black Spiders, Collapse, Grieve, Ensiferum, Senturia, Snakebite, Credit To Dementia, Meshuggah, Shrapnel, Arceye, Opeth, Cathedral, Benediction, Regardless Of Me , Mordecai, Desecration, Of No Consequence , Zocalo, Fear Factory, Echoes Fall, Obituary, Silas, Andromeda, Achren, Burn The Hive, Devin Townsend, Leaves Eyes, Reism, The Whores , Amorphis, Children Of Bodom, Lithurgy, Aghast, Edguy, Swallow The Sun, Flayed Disciple, Onlslaught, Chaos Asylum, Evile, Killing Machine , The Prophecy, Witch Sorrow, Purified In Blood, Orestea, Old Corpse Road, Gwar, Gojira, Stone Circle, Traces, Doro, Mutant, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse , Neonfly, Korpiklaani, Extreme Od, Ishmael, Bloodbath, Furyon, Twisted Sister, Hekz, Core Project, Holy Moses, Bonded By Blood

Bloodstock 2008 Lineup

Katatonia, The Green River Project, Pythia, Vallenbrosa, Godsized, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter , Xerath, Saxon, Gods Of Hellfire, Malefice, Alternative Carpark, Municipal Waste, Bloodshot Dawn, Million Dollar Reload , Ventflow, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Snakebite, Insomnium, Divine Chaos, Sodom, Bisonhammer, Blindfolds Aside, Blitzkrieg, Left To Bleed, Celesty, Arthemis, The Rotted, Abgott, Wintersun, The Haunted, Internal Conflict, They Will Rise, Candlemass, Nefarious, Apocalyptica, Solsikk , Enslaved, Inner Eden, Battlelore, Kreator, Sanctorum, Blind Guardian, Switch Blade Scream, Cradle Of Filth, Severed Heaven, O.M.T, Wolf, Entombed, Niyah Sky, Uncle Rotter, Hunted, Tribe, Anterior, Darkness Dynamite, Edens Curse, Nya, Sabaton, Turisas, Primitive Graven Image, Biomortal, Satyricon, Eibon La Furies, Amon Amarth, Nightmare World, Beholder, Sower, Moonspell, Equilibrium, Triaxis, Girlschool , Agonyst, Europe, Annwn, Anathema, Into The Woods, Long Time Dead

Bloodstock 2007 Lineup

Mendeed, Testament, Head On, Kiuas, Firewind, Sight Of Emptiness, Mindflow, Blindsight, Life Denied, 4 Dj's Of The Apocalypse, The Aftermath, Zenith, Metal Karaoke, Sinocence, Idiom, Theomen, Enemo J, Korpiklaani, Timefall, Lacuna Coil, Cerebral Fix, Memfis, Forever Never, Epica, Wolf, Hexagram, King Lizard, Dark Tranquillity, Exploder, Damage Control, Scar Symmetry, Voodoo Six, Nemhain, 4 Dj`S Of The Apocalypse, Headrush, Metal Karaoke, The Hollow Earth Theory, Sinnergod, Nephwrack, Kobrakai, Trigger 9, Rise To Addiction, Terrathorn, Beyond All Reason, Benediction, Speedtheory, Honey For Christ, In Flames, Exit Ten, Dream Evil, The Apostacy, Arch Enemy, Legion Ofthe Damned, Hanging Doll, Sabbat, Axis Of Evil, Finntroll, Freedom Call

Bloodstock 2006 Lineup

Atheist, Evile, Rage, Kingsize Blues, Headless Cross, Metal Church, Edguy, Pitiful Reign, Nocturnal Rites, Nephwrack, Pyramaze, Kyrbgrinder, State Of Serenity, Season’s End, Stratovarius, Sicfelt, Solice, Ashtar, Callenish Circle, Deadeye, Beyond All Reason, Ensiferum, Deadweight, Bal Sagoth, Turisas, Gorilla Monsoon, 19 Th Century

Bloodstock 2005 Lineup (Indoor)

Hammerfall, Conquest Of Steel, Stormwarrior, Warchild, Metalium, Deliverance, Reckless Tide, Zillah, Cathedral, Within Temptation, Amon Amarth, Soliloquy, After Forever, Balance Of Silence, Bob Catley, Jesus Fix, Kingsize Blues, Raven, Iron Saviour, Dreadnought, Rise To Addiction, Pro Jekt, Mfkzt, Suidakra, Season’s End

Bloodstock 2004 Lineup (Indoor)

Gamma Ray, Season`S End, Threshold, Invey, Sinergy, Liquid Sky, Super Massive Object, Illuminatus, Infobia, Fourwaykill, Children Of Bodom, Cruachan, Evergrey, The Prophecy, Sonata Artica, Gutworm, Nowhwere Near The Garden, Primal Fear, Balance Of Power, Humanity, Edenbridge, Seven Years Dead, Panic Cell, Rezin 69, Intense

Bloodstock 2003 Lineup (Indoor)

Nightwish, Biomechanical, Dragon Force, Fulc, Waylander, Paradise Lost, Edguy, Fourwaykill, Invey, Masterplan, Bates Motel, Saracen, Illuminatus, Ninedenine, Cruel Humanity, Bumsnogger

Bloodstock 2002 Lineup (Indoor)

Blind Guardian, Bal Sagoth, Diamond Head, Return To The Sabbat, Threshold, Primordial, Freedom Call, Elvenking, Enemymaker888, Biochemical, Twelvepointhead, Gamma Ray, Balance Of Power, Infobia

Bloodstock 2001 Lineup (Indoor)

Saxon, Orange Goblin, Glenn Hughes, Return To The Sabbat, Primal Fear, Freebase, Skyclad, Consumed, Shadowkeep, Underule, Dirty Deeds, Evoke, Occupational Hazard, Area 54, Bloodstream